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Beyond the distractions and disinfo lies the truth about Planet X / Nibiru

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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I wondered why the European countries were allowing refugees into their countries without a proper screening process and the same for North America; the only conclusion that I could think of was to create a diversion from the real truth.

I don’t think that they care if terrorists are among these refugees and I believe they (the Elite) welcome the distraction of some of these refugees breaking the law which the mainstream media reports on. Having terrorists in your country creates havoc and innocent people are suffering and afraid to go out at night in their own country because of it. I think that Trump, when he made the statement that there should be a temporary ban on refugees coming in, is ruining the Elite’s plan in trying to distract the general public from the real truth.

Some people are getting frustrated with not being able to see Planet X and I understand the frustration but with this subject you have to keep and open mind and try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “What would I do?” Well, I think you would do whatever it takes to hide this Planet X as much as possible, maybe with the use of chemtrails or some technology that we are not aware of. It could be at times they fail to hide Nibiru and people capture either photographs or video of it.

It could be that Nibiru has to be in a certain position to see it clearly or is it possible that they could have the technology, such as holographic blocking devices? I’m not sure if that is even possible but, like I said, we have to think out of the box.

I have been researching this now for six years but I can honestly say I have never witnessed this rogue planet and, yes, that does frustrate me but I soldier on because of the evidence. I do sincerely hope I am wrong because if I am right it scares the hell out of me knowing what the future holds not just for me and my family but for every man, woman and child. I do not relish the thought of people starving or being harmed in any way but that could be a reality.

Media spotlight

I was recently the featured guest on the show Midnight in the Midlands (full interview). Michael Vara was a very gracious host and I thank him for the opportunity to be on his show. He is one of those rare, genuine people whom I respect greatly for his efforts in bringing you all the truth. I hope I get the opportunity to visit his show in the near future. Thanks, Michael. Keep up the good work.

A production company for the American Heroes Channel (a Discovery Communications cable channel) had shown some interest in and contacted me four times. The one time was an hour interview with the prospect of being on a show they’re producing about Planet X and how people are prepping for it, but at the last minute they cancelled my appearance; I think it may have been due to me not being American. Well, maybe next time.

Eyes on the skies

I am still getting lots of photos from around the world and I greatly appreciate the effort from all of you who send me these, even though some turn out to be lens flares or sun dogs. (Editor’s note: Please do not send photos to Planet X News. Please post them in our special forum and/or send them to David directly.) Most of the people who send me these are just ordinary people like myself and they don’t have the expertise in photography to distinguish a lens flare or a sun dog from the real thing, but please keep sending them in because you never know when you get that shot that can’t be dismissed, so thanks to those who make the effort.

Seeking the truth in this day and age is tough, as most like myself do not have the equipment nor the knowledge to properly search for Planet X. I have to commend people who stick with it to try their best to obtain the truth.

This page I found interesting because it sums up just what is happening globally and is not reported on the mainstream media. Years ago this would be a top story covered by all the networks but now they hardly get a mention, so you have to ask yourself the question, why?

NASA has just announced they have discovered a small moon approximately 100 miles wide which is orbiting Makemake. It’s funny how NASA is discovering all kinds of new objects like Planet 9. It makes me wonder what else they will discover soon. Who knows, they may even admit to Planet X. Well, no, I don’t think that they would do that, at least not until the very end.

Stay safe. DDD signing off and remember keep your eyes on the skies. Who knows what you might see.

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