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10 strands of ‘junk DNA’ and 10 kingdoms of the Beast of Revelation

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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According to Trey Abernathy’s article, Recoding To 12 Strand DNA Sequence And Entering Into The Photon Belt, “Medical science has established that we have two strands of DNA and 10 strands of ‘junk’ DNA,” but they have not understood the purpose of that ‘junk’ DNA.

Please, dear reader, keep in mind that science now fully understands that DNA’s sole function cannot be to produce proteins. It seems more and more likely that DNA is a means to deeply store information. Please consider the following quotation from Neo-Darwinism’s Long History of Inaccurate Predictions about Junk Organs and Junk DNA:

“Many have postulated that the random nature of mutations would fill our genomes with useless genetic garbage, dubbed ‘junk DNA.’ This hypothesis was seemingly confirmed when it was discovered that only 2% of the human genome coded for proteins, leaving the other 98% unexplained.”

The excellent article, written by Casey Luskin, can be found here.

I may be able to draw an analogy to the human brain, where scientists now understand that most humans do use more than a mere 10% of their brain’s potential dynamic capabilities both perceptually and cognitively; however, humans are still (according to the Scientific American article titled The Brain May Use Only 20% of Its Memory-Forming Neurons) using only a small part of its potential to make memories and, therefore, a richer experience:

“Remember the old myth that people only use 10 percent of their brains? Although a new study confirmed that bromide to be apocryphal, it did find that we may only use 20 percent of the nerve cells in our midbrain to form memories.”

So, if I may, to summarize, remind the reader that we are only able to comprehend the activities of approximately 2% of the two strands of our overall 12-stranded DNA that we (as those individuals who follow science) believe to be essentially “junk DNA.”

Opposing this notion, ever stalwart, is the Creationist platform that says human beings were created “in the image of God,” which implies perfection, completeness and perfect utility, just not always in a way perceptible to man’s limited visual range and limited linguistic capabilities and cognitive conceptual capacities. The Creationist platform reminds me that “Noah was perfect in his generations” and that Jesus said “greater things will you do.” It also reminds me of the transfiguration on the Mount of Olives, where Jesus became transfigured into his immortal light body.

For those who believe, Muhammad ascended as Enoch did, “and Enoch was not, for God took him.” This is what happened to Jesus on the cross.

You may now ask, “What does this have to do with the 10 kingdoms of the Beast of Revelation?” Well, let me begin by saying that for approximately 500,000 years, according to revelations from, and the Urantia Book, human beings have been living in a disconnected fashion, as it were, from our fully activated 12-stranded selves. However, during this time, countless beings have ascended, as it were, by becoming enlightened and anchoring their consciousness at a faster frequency. Those ascended masters have now become collective consciousness beings or “social memory complexes,” as Ra refers to them in The Law of One, and they work for us.

However, a graduation or great harvest date of 2024 is approaching and we must be hurrying along, so many will be getting their wake-up call sooner rather than later.

The summer solstice is rapidly approaching and a lot of things are visible in the sky for those with the eyes to see. Chemtrails are a constant occurrence; but, the Red Kachina / Wormwood is making its presence known, as it is bringing the purification to our solar plexus and its 10 chakra petals, which are metaphorically going to be realized as the 10 regions of the Beast’s Kingdom. 10 is the number of Sefirot in the Kabbalah’s tree of life.

6 is the number of carbon and man’s love / hatred of himself, which amounts to self-absorption and fear of the unknown “Other” (be it God, aliens, the devil, Nibiru), is keeping him or her in fear and trapped in the belly of the beast.

There are 10 strands of junk DNA that we must reconnect to our highest point above our pineal gland so that they can be reactivated, but we must purify our bellies and our hearts so that the thymus gland can receive the frequency recoding it needs to begin to calibrate the immune system.

Right now, with the Grand Cross above and the purifier of worlds imminent, we have the chance to surrender and accept that this is the mission we signed up for, to be modern Moses with serpent staffs parting waters and striking stones to release water and summon manna from Heaven. More importantly, we are called upon to be Noah and become “perfect in our generations.” For many, this may also mean building the ark for you and your family / friends. People are already being guided to do this in large numbers.

The planetary magnetics are such that a pole shift / re-polarization is also imminent, but this will only happen when the Ancient of Days is ready to render its Judgment on the Lucifer Rebellion and all those who went along with the rebellion against the Infinite Creator and its Magnificent Creation, of which we are all part and parcel, along with everyone. As above, so below, so Lucifer has fallen—thanks to his pride, and now all those who are too proud to look up and see the Great Purifier / Wormwood / Nibiru / the Lord of the Harvest (according to Hidden Hand), will fall, unfortunately. Those who understand that this is a time of purification and harvest will be and already have been purifying and transmuting both their own karma (negative thoughts, actions and intentions) through service to others and compassion.

The 10 kingdoms are a chance for us to use the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in conjunction with the 10 sefirot of the tree of life to return us to the God-head. After completing 32 paths, we are ready to, once again, connect the high-heart (thymus gland) to the high-mind (pineal gland). Once accomplished, we must only breathe and ask for our 10 strands to be fused to our original two to return our consciousness to our high-heart and high-mind so that we can surrender to the Great Harvest.

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