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Project Black Star Update – Volume 23 (2016)

By Guest Writer Terral “Terral03” Croft
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Seismic indicators continue to say that Earth is moving through the first of two well-defined earth change lull periods for the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star positioned at the feet of the Virgo Constellation relative to the Sun.

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
4/27/2014 5/3/2014 17 L   0 0 2 25 230 257 202
05/17/15 05/23/15 17 L  0 0 5* 25 256 286* 230
5/29/2016  6/04/2016 17 L  0 0 2 21 223 246* 253

Year-over-year seismic values show a gradual increase in the ‘weekly’ year-over-year seismic value totals (far right column), while Week 17 for the 2016 Cycle show a decrease in seismic activity of 40 quake events*. Note that the Week 17 quake totals for 2014 and 2016 are almost identical suggesting that none of this week’s values have earned a red letter, because what we are seeing is expected using the historical data. The reason for the uptick in total seismic events in the final column is that the nearside-alignment quake events are taking place ‘later’ each year, as the Black Star continues moving ‘left’ in the orbit diagram where the peak of activity generally focuses on Week 13 through 15. Therefore, the overall weekly totals are increasing for Week 17.

2014/2015 Final Seismic Chart

2015/2016 Seismic Chart

Weekly seismic values for Week 17 are slightly higher than last week’s totals, as a bounce was expected for the 5-mag quake events and 2.5 to 4-magnitude quake events that were below average for Week 16. I really do not expect to see sub-200 weekly values for the key 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events, until Earth reaches outside-orbit position making the right-triangle relative to the Sun and Black Star anticipated for the third week of August 2016. This is also the time that I expect to see two sub-20 values together over the two-week period, because the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection will reach a maximum length for our planet to receive the smallest amount of redirected solar electromagnetism for the active internal conduits to switch over to ‘passive state’ allowing Earth core to cool through the period. The two sub-20 values for the 5-mag quake events were not expected so close to the nearside-alignment quake event for Week 15 and 16, because that has not happened since the Project Black Star Investigation began in January 2011. The expectation moving forward is for this first earth change lull period to run well into August 2016 with seismic values gradually decreasing, but with bounces here and there across the board; as our planet works overtime finding equilibrium through this period that Earth core is cooling down.

Name Location Activity
Bristol Island South Sandwich Islands (UK) New
Kerinci Indonesia New
Santa Maria Guatemala New
Suretamatai Banks Islands (Vanuatu) New
Turrialba Costa Rica New

Earth saw five new volcanic eruptions this week with focus on the Indonesian side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire identified as the starting/origination point where big activity starts with each earth change uptick period, until weeks pass and the activity spreads around the northern and southern regions of the largest tectonic/volcanic network on Earth. This new volcanic eruption event value bounced up from just three last week and two the previous week, because of deep seismic activity causing rising magma plumes increasing volcanic/magma pressures finding release at the volcano locations. I expect the new weekly volcanic eruption event values to remain on the low side of the spectrum (between 0 and 5) all the way around to mid/late August, but fluctuating up and down with deep earthquake activity; as our planet has definitely gone through another Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire Tectonic/Volcanic Pressure Shift since the 8.3 Chile Quake in Week 34 of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle.

The migrating magnetic North Pole made another small move on the chart like we saw between May 17th and the 24th. Draw a line from the Zero position down through the June 7, 2016 position to realize the magnetic North Pole is slowing down to actually trail last year’s position, but still not by the twelve days we saw routinely for the 2014/2015 Orbit Cycle. We could be looking at a migration pattern that slows to match findings coming from the growing 2015/2016 seismic chart, but more data is required to begin drawing those kinds of conclusions at this point in the investigation. What has been proven is that the migrating magnetic North Pole is no longer racing a month ahead of schedule leading to much head scratching about disruptions and inconsistencies showing up between the seismic and magnetic North Pole migration modeling patterns. I will not be surprised to see this year’s migration location pattern lagging behind last year’s weekly location by the same 3-degrees found in the seismic chart for the two recent nearside-alignment quake events (7.8 Nepal on April 25, 2015 and 7.3 Sandwich Islands on April 28, 2016). Remember that the Black Star has moved left in the orbit diagram an average of twelve degrees each year from 2004 to 2015, but all of that changed here in 2016 with the nearside-alignment quake event coming about a week too early. The leading explanation today is that the Black Star is transitioning from a wide elliptical orbit path to something more circular from the opposing gravitational and magnetic repulsion forces with nearing Sun/Black Star proximity. This magnetic North Pole migration pattern data is working to support that hypothesis perfectly, but we will see how things shake out moving forward.

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