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Project Black Star Update – Volume 21 (2016)

By Guest Writer Terral “Terral03” Croft
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Seismic and volcanic indicators all say that Earth is moving through the first earth change lull period for the 2016 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star moving very slowly left in the orbit diagram at the feet of the Virgo Constellation towards Libra just below the ecliptic plane.

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
4/13/2014 4/19/2014 15 0 3 5 56 343 407 311
05/03/15 05/09/15 15 L  0 2 0 46 290 338 308
5/15/2016  5/21/2016 15 0 0 2 18 241 261 286

Year-over-year seismic event values for Week 15 show a dramatic decrease in global seismic events across the board with only the two Mexico quakes showing up as 6+ magnitude events for the last three weeks. Week 15 has averaged more than fifty of the 5-magnitude earthquake events for the last two years, but this week for 2016 reveals only 18 of these mid-level quake events earning a red value along with the big goose egg (0) for the 7-mag quake events where we have seen two or three of these larger quake events for the last two orbit cycles.

2014/2015 Final Seismic Chart

2015/2016 Seismic Chart

Weekly seismic event values show a well-pronounced decrease in earthquake activity since Week 10 and directly through Week 13-15 that has historically represented the three-week period with the highest seismic values for the entire cycle. The interesting pattern is seen with the 5-magnitude quake events that have steadily declined each week with the exception for Week 12-13 where the value remained the same at 24 quake events. A look at the seismic charts for previous years reveals a pattern that includes these mid-level quake events dipping down to then bounce up to then dip again, as Earth works constantly to maintain the appearance of equilibrium. Let us look at Week 13 through 15 for the last three years in search of patterns to help us identify the earth change event trends taking place with our planet as we speak:

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
3/30/2014 4/5/2014 13 1 1 6 57 326 391 220
4/6/2014 4/12/2014 14 N  0 2 6 37 276 321 245
4/13/2014 4/19/2014 L 0 3 5 56 343 407 311
2014 Total     1 6 17 150 945

These three weeks for 2014 shows an 8-mag quake event, six of the 7-mag quake events and seventeen of the 6-magnitude earthquake events with one hundred and fifty 5-mag quakes; and almost a thousand of the key 2.5 to 4-magnitude indicator quake events. Note that the 7-mag and 2.5 to 4-mag quake events are moving ‘higher’ through this critical period of the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star.

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
04/19/15 04/25/15 13 N  0 1 7 36 233 277 305
04/26/15 05/02/15 14 0 0 4 19 231 254 257
05/03/15 05/09/15 15 L  0 2 0 46 290 338 308
2015 Total          0 3 11 101 754  

These three weeks for 2015 show three of the 7-mag quakes, eleven of the 6-mag quakes, more than 100 of the 5-mag quakes and more than seven hundred and fifty of the indicator quake events with Week 15 representing the high water mark for the 7’s and indicator quakes like in 2014.

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
5/01/2016 5/07/2016 13 L   0 0 0 24 217 241 338
5/08/2016 5/14/2016 14 L  0 0 0 21 242 263 303
5/15/2016  5/21/2016 15 0 0 2 18 241 261 286
2016 Total     0 0 2 63 700    

The previous two years saw combined 6+ magnitude earthquake events values of 24 (2014) and 14 (2015), but this year we see only 2. Sixty three of the 5-mag earthquake events for the recent three-week period is just a few more than we saw for a single week in 2014 revealing a dramatic decrease, which explains all of the red values popping up in the 2016 Seismic Chart.

The original hypothesis upon adopting the Binary Star Repulsion Model was that the Black Star was slowing inbound orbital velocity proportional to nearing Sun/Black Star proximity to produce the 188-day cycle. That governing principle was the basis for explaining how the Black Star was utilizing the ‘giant brake’ mechanism from the Canadian student’s observations described in this paper (here) to provide a regular seismic pattern where we add an average of 12 days to the previous year’s event for determining the date of our coming Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside-alignment quake event (N) that held true from 2010 through 2015 allowing the modeling to predict the 7.8 Nepal Quake Event from April 25, 2015 at the same time that magma levels reached maximum levels in global volcanoes, calderas and magma chambers with new volcanic eruption events reaching peak levels through this critical period. However, the peak time for new volcanic eruptions for 2016 came earlier than expected with an average of about eight new volcanic eruption events for the month of April rather than May.

Name Location Activity
Etna Sicily (Italy) New
Santa Maria Guatemala New
Turrialba Costa Rica New

In fact, Earth saw only two new volcanic eruption events last week and only three for this week where the total value for May 2016 will likely equal the one-week total at the nearside-alignment quake event for the last two years at between eight and nine events. The seismic and volcanic event values for  Week 13 through 15 for 2016 reveal serious flaws in the Binary Star Magnetic Repulsion Model, as the Black Star is apparently slowing inbound orbital velocity much-more dramatically than expected. The 188-day cycle principles worked very well to predict the expected Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside-alignment quake events for Fukushima and quake events running to the 7.8 Nepal Quake that when averaged added 12.40 days to each event date for each new Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star moving left in the orbit diagram in a predictable fashion. All of that has changed for 2016 with the nearside-alignment quake coming with the 7.0 Vanuatu Earthquake Event from April 28, 2016 (USGS) about a week early ending the earth change uptick period ahead of schedule in Week 12 in direct defiance of the predictive modeling. This key date marked in our 2016 Seismic Chart (N) adds only three days to the 7.8 Nepal Quake Event from April 25, 2015 indicating that the Black Star moved only three degrees left in the orbit diagram relative to the Sun for an entire year, which seems impossible for an object that has averaged a twelve-degree move from 2004 (9.5 Sumatra 12/26/2004) to 2010 (8.8 Chile 2/27/2010) and again from 2010 to 2015 (Nepal) that seemed to provide perfect symmetry with the Black Star slowing inbound orbital velocity relative to Sun/Black Star nearing proximity.

The bottom line is that the Black Star is slowing inbound orbital velocity at a rate not envisioned by any predictive modeling algorithms produced from the evidence in the historical precedents. The Black Star appears to be moving left in the orbit diagram, but at a yearly rate of only three degrees; when the average rate has been a whopping twelve degrees for years and years. The leading hypothesis today is that the Black Star is moving along a skewed orbit path from opposing gravitational and magnetic repulsion forces causing the Black Star orbit path to transition from something near a wide elliptical orbit to something more circular, as Black Star magnetic polarity strength is increasing much more than the traditional cube of the closing distance; and while the gravitational forces between the Sun and Black Star are increasing by the square of the closing distance.

The evidence from the predicted magnetopause reversal (collapse) and Martian dust storms suggests that my original hypothesis is correct in some areas and that the Black Star is indeed moving left in the orbit diagram between the Sun and the feet of the Virgo Constellation; as both of these predicted events also came earlier than expected in combination with the M-class solar flares that I fully expected to transition into X-class flares for early May 2016. The dominate conclusion today is that Earth did indeed pass between the Sun and Black Star like in every Earth Orbit Cycle since the Project Black Star Investigation began in January 2011, but decreasing Black Star inbound orbital velocity has slowed to such a point that I really have insufficient data today for constructing a predictive model pointing to what comes next. The prediction today is for the current earth change lull period to extend all the way to the end of August 2016, as Earth moves to outside-orbit position making the 90-degree angle relative to the Sun where the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection reaches a maximum length and our planet receives decreasing amounts of redirected solar electromagnetism from the Black Star allowing Earth core to cool through this period moving forward.

The migrating magnetic North Pole slowed down this week and is expected to hit the bottom of the chart about a month ahead of schedule. Note that the forming migration path is much larger/wider than we have seen in previous years, but the pattern seems to match what happened from 2013 to 2014; even if on a much-larger scale for the 2016 cycle.

One of the leading stories for this week includes testimony from Dr. Ronald Shimschuck (link) to be interviewed by Steve Olson (video) on the Nibiru Topic. See the second article in the Featured Section below for my reply to his video that Steve found a bit offensive, according to his recent comment back in my direction. Many newsletter subs/contributors have forwarded me videos from Steve’s YouTube channel filled with images of sun dogs and every kind of lens flare-type anomaly that only caught my attention once other subs complained that I was supporting/endorsing false images used part of a disinformation/desensitizing operation. I had subscribed to Steve’s YouTube channel to then remove the channel from my subscriber list upon checking things out to realize the objections were indeed true. Steve’s comment to me and my reply appear below the Featured article beginning of page 9 of this newsletter. There is more FEMA/Military-type exercise information in this newsletter than all 2016 volumes combined, so I encourage you to check out those articles among the Featured Articles, Top Stories and those posted in the Survival Section of this newsletter, as these appear to be Sleeper Operations/Exercises geared for orientation and training of our military to deploy directly into harm’s way later in the timeline once we get closer to the crap hitting the fan.

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