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528 Hertz, Siddhis and the supernatural realm

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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I am excited about all of the apocalyptic doom and gloom regarding the “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  The very few of us who actually will have to suffer that fate are not about to encounter an eternal hell; but, rather a tough transition.

For the rest of us, those who have good hearts, and clear minds, we will encounter a new garden, a new heaven and a new Earth.  Call this the 5th Dimensional Earth if you want to get new-agey with it.  The new age is Aquarius and after our 2012 alignment with the galaxy’s center / black hole, we are ready to rebirth ourselves in the true image of man by realigning with God and surrendering to the 528 Hertz frequency of the center of the galaxy’s heart chakra through our own heart minds.

This is the new song mentioned in Revelation.  Chant Yam or Yah or Ah. 528 Hz middle C is the key note frequency for solfeggio scale and the resonant frequency of grass and life.  This information comes from Dr. Leonard Horowitz; but, he is not the originator.  The solfeggio scale was employed in the construction of the Gothic cathedrals and in the Gregorian chants, such as the Hymn to Saint John, which was taken from the people’s ears.  The Rockefellers, according to Dr. Horowitz, changed the musical scale (lobbying accomplishes everything with the sinister left hand path’s adherents using the almighty dollar).  Now, we attune to 440 Hz instead of 432.  Consequently, we have lost 528 Hz.  We have lost our heart centers and become hard-hearted, afraid, angry and guilty, etc.  Sick and ashamed, too.

But frequencies can heal us just as they can harm us.  We just need to employ them properly to open our chakras and to release the photon-o-genic (conducting) and phonon-o-genic (channeling) potential of our own DNA within the divine majesty of our own electromagnetic energy bodies.  Love resonates to 528 Hz and prompts norepinephrine.  It’s not as strong, per se, as oxytocin; but, it prompts us to be honest, which will be the hallmark of the upcoming Aquarian Age.

I really don’t know when all this beautiful new age magic will be occurring in Jesus’ name, but I am not afraid because I know that we will be ascending in large soul-group families.  This is how we incarnate, after all. Some of us may not like to admit that some of our adversaries are friends from a past life returned.  The struggle is real, but the pain is an illusion; or better still, the pain is an illusion leaving the mind, like weakness leaving the body.  That is the basis of the judgment, to be honest.  It is just that simple. A separation is coming.  Planet X may seem to be prompting it; but, in truth, it is needed by the Earth, and we all will benefit.  The resonant frequencies cannot get any lower and the planet cannot get any more toxic.  It is not Carbon dioxide per se, but cesium, tritium, lead, aluminum, strontium; and, notably, mercury and uranium, which are truly decimating life on Earth.

I believe in the whole, Gaia thing, to say it glibly.  The Earth is our Mother and she deserves better.  She deserves an honest appraisal with true humility.  Not the false humility of this current Pope Francis comparing Jesus to Isis without a hint of irony.

George Clooney, the Pope, the refugee message and the refugees themselves—all of them are traversing a domain that I cannot enter.  I honestly feel sorry for those killing in Allah’s name.  The Qu’ran says that it is like killing all humans to kill an honest, God-fearing, God-loving human in vain. And then not to make an honest act of contrition; but, instead, they advertise and propagandize on YouTube.

Reptilians are behind it all, like St. John the Baptist, Jesus and David Icke (most recently) have told us.  They are shape-shifting naga blood-drinkers.  Krishna fought them.  They are the same side as the giants, the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt and Illuminati today.  The Pharaohs carried the Reptilian bloodlines to Rome and on to England, Scotland and the New World.  The Jesuits performed their mission of colonization and the Rothschilds bankrolled the bloody revolutions and Communists’ Manifestos.

It’s all come down to this.  The final exam of humanity is to recognize our Great Mother / Shakti with our right hemisphere and the Eternal Father / Holy Spirit with our left hemisphere.  Love then can unite them in one Mother / Father God.  And then you become their God-Son or Daughter; and, you can live united.

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