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Prepping for Planet X / Nibiru vs. a West Coast earthquake

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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I am meeting more and more people who have woken up to the fact that a catastrophe event is imminent, whether it be Planet X or the effects thereof, such as massive earthquakes and tsunamis hitting the coastal regions. Scientists have stated that it is just a matter of time before an earthquake is set off on the West Coast, creating a huge tidal wave and it is way overdue and could happen within a very short period of time. I don’t see a mass exodus of people leaving West Coast cities and the reason is they don’t really believe it could happen; that is the same mindset toward Planet X.

The video below I found very interesting; in it, they talk about just how long it takes to travel through space just to reach far away planets, even at the speed of light. We can only imagine certain types of propulsion, even antimatter and dark matter, but there could be other ways to shrink the universe and bring these planets and other galaxies closer. We have to imagine that any aliens out there could have been around for millions of years and could have found ways to instantly jump from one galaxy to another.

The scientists think that they are so smart and that there are laws of the universe that cannot be broken but I say any law can be broken, given enough time and research, especially when a race has lived for millions of years. They talk about “when” we do get visited by aliens but I think they have been here many times and have thousands, if not millions of years of advanced technology. We must appear like neanderthals because we are still using solid fuel rockets; they probably have warp drives in their museums. The possibilities are totally endless and we have to think even further than just out of the box.

The unfortunate part of all this is the fact that when Planet X passes by it is going to put a halt to all our advancements and leave us just struggling to survive. I have a very bad feeling that something bad is around the corner and it is going to leave the entire world in shock. Like I have said before, I just hope in this instance I am wrong. When I see all the videos of Planet X I would say 99% are something else, whether it be lens flare or a sun dog but I worry about that 1% that is none of those things and can only be the dreaded Planet X. I feel a great sadness when I think about all the good people in the world who are going perish and especially young children who don’t understand what is about to happen. I think about those who do survive and how they are going to suffer. I wish I could do more to help but I can’t and I feel useless in many ways.

I went to a new gun club last weekend that has a great indoor shooting range; it is in a small town called Burford. I talked to one of the sales guys there (Craig Robinson) who showed me around. I told him that I wrote for a Web site and he asked which one and I answered, I thought he was going to faint with excitement as he blurted out the word “Nibiru” and said, “Oh my gosh. Doomsday Dave!” We chatted for a good hour and he was very knowledgeable on the subject of Planet X / Nibiru. He told me that he was a pilot and he said that the Canadian Air Force had been flying low over where he lived so he snapped three pictures of what looks like a Hercules aircraft. He did not think too much about his picture until his wife looked at it and asked, “What is that white dot to the right of the picture?” The picture blew my mind because I actually saw it on his mobile phone and he swore that it had not been tampered with and that he would not know how to Photoshop a picture if his life depended on it. I believe what he told me; he had nothing to gain by lying to me and so I told him that I would mention it in this article and share it after I have it independently analyzed and determine it is not naturally explainable.

The video below was sent to me from Omar. Thanks, Omar; keep them coming. It explains about the second solar wind which the experts have been denying and the second solar wind is caused by a brown dwarf planet. Guess which one it is. There are a lot of so-called experts on the Web who keep repeating that Planet X does not exist and some of you swallow up that info and go back to work and pay your taxes like good little boys and girls and don’t even question what they are telling you. It is called being in denial of the truth and you believe that these people should know and in the meantime they are building bunkers to save their own butts and to hell with you.

I just want to send out my sympathy for those families in Alberta who are being devastated by the wildfires and especially those who have lost their homes and all possessions. I plan to make a donation to the Red Cross to do my little bit to help them; hopefully others will do the same. According to the reports, it is going to be weeks before these wildfires are out. I can’t imagine just how horrific it is for those poor people but I think about what I would do if I lost everything. I am sure that people are and will rally to their aid by making donations.

Please attend the Alien Cosmic Expo at least one day (June 24-26) if you live close by and make sure you look for me as I will be in and out for the entire weekend.

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