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‘The truth about reality’

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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The truth about reality is that language has compromised us our consciousness away from the big picture—the macro-cosmos, and focused us on the microcosm of our own linguistic, autobiographical egos. During the past 5,000 years, or since 3,114 B.C., depending on how specific you would like to get, we began to write by etching into stone a mixture of mathematics, ratios and artistic depictions of animals, animal spirits, and the Great Mother archetype.

Some evidence will point even further back, say 50,000 years even, to argue that humans were cave-dwelling and cave-painting, or at least, conducting rituals and passing down knowledge in caves, as well as creating fire and planning their next hunt. As we progressed from hunters into farmers or a mixture of omnivores utilizing hunting, gathering and agriculture (think grains), we began to revere the Great Mother archetype even more.

Sometime later, approximately 5,000-12,000 years ago, the pyramids were constructed by a higher intelligence than the artists that created the animal drawings. The pyramids aligned at that time with the belt stars of Orion and had shafts pointing to Sirius and Orion.

To many, Sirius served as the inspiration for the mythopoetic representation of Isis, while Orion served as the inspiration for the hero-myth of Osiris. The Great Pyramid, and presumably others, were initiation chambers in addition to serving as burial chambers. They are designed as works of art and engineering in order to stimulate the greater intellectual potential of mankind. Specifically, the Great Pyramid is harmonically tuned to an A=432 Hz frequency, which is perfect for conducting healing frequencies in the body.

Hearing relates back to the right-hemispheric, acoustic, under-water, in utero experience that serves as a metaphor for the religious experience in that we are told to “be still and know.” “Sh” is the letter “shin,” which relates back to both silence and divine power.

Of course, to former Princeton psychologist, Julian Jaynes, the most distinctive feature about the linguistic / artistic experience of religious man was that they distinctively heard the voice of the Big Other Self.

Jesus would commune with the Great Father’s Spirit in caves, as Muhammad did after him, and Elijah did before him. Moses and Shiva are associated with the Mountain, as the place where God can be revealed to man, outside of the urban jungle of modern society.

The Right-hemisphere has a non-linguistic version of the autobiographical self that uses images and sound waves to supplement its understanding almost like to say it uses lidar, and sonar the way that dolphins and whales do in order to get a holographic bodily imprint. From there, neuro-modulators go to work supplying the right neuronal stimulation or modulation to keep the neuronal assemblies responsible for generating the specific image firing on all synaptic cylinders, metaphorically.

Then, when the left-hemisphere’s linguistic version of autobiographical selfhood or consciousness is stimulated by the presence of this new object, it prepares to receive, across the corpus callosum and using the limbic system for the emotion, the image.

This image could either be the image of achievement, in terms of the satisfaction of a goal, or the attainment of homeostasis. Of course, it could also be an image of uncertain stress. At this point, man tends to lose his homeostasis and tries to use the left cerebral hemisphere. Mankind has been primarily right-handed and left-hemisphere dominant since language truly took root, in terms of the use of sound to classify and arrange symbolic, mathematical and emotional content.

The truth about reality is that it is better pictured by the right hemisphere and then the left hemisphere just needs to take over in a conjunctive, harmonious way in order to accomplish whatever specific goal is being attended to.

Most stress comes from the cortisol that is released when the right hemisphere picks up on the beta brain waves being produced from the hemispheric asymmetry that is happening while the left hemisphere / right hand / right eye / ego tries to re-assert his dominance over reality and emotionality.

So within in our consciousness, we have a metaphor for the dominance being attempted by the Illuminati as the sinister patriarchal establishment.

We have the devaluation of intuition as feminine understanding and compassion.

We have the subjugation of the feminine and the distrust / hatred of religion.

Of course, Islam just means surrender to God as the left hemisphere should surrender to the right hemisphere because the right hemisphere has the big picture and therefore it is the Big Other Self while the left hemisphere only has the power of using memory as a categorical precedent. Time is an illusion; there is now.

That should shake you out of your right eye and lead you back to the picture at hand, which is one of Planet x and liberation of mankind from patriarchal tyranny. Of course, communism is the false image of the liberation from patriarchal tyranny because it asserts the government / banking establishment as the dominant patriarchy in charge of our financial security while the military industrial / pharmaceutical complex is responsible for our safety and well-being.

I don’t think mankind has felt less safe than any other time in history because we have the luxury of not facing an imminent threat, but there is a lingering sense of unease as things are shifting beneath the surface that we are not yet aware of; and, this threatens our sense of continuity in consciousness.

The Elite have never been more connected, ironically, while they try to divide us from the true Isis / Osiris figure both within us and being manifested in leaders who tell the truth and in human beings who are capable of receiving the truth willingly.

“The End is near.” “The Kingdom is at hand.” These statements are true, but relative propositionally to our notion of time. 49 years marks the cycle of Sirius A and B, while 49 days after conception marks the formation of sexuality and the pineal gland.

49 years is also 7 by 7 and that is the time before a Grand Jubilee in the Hebrew calendar. In fact, that is supposed to be going on right now. Of course, 70 years after His birth, Jesus marked the fall of Israel, and 70 years from Israel’s rebirth is 2017. The seven years of tribulation could proceed then as the seven seals are finally opened and Satan’s rebels are annihilated in a Judgment that will occur as well as a Great Harvest of all the souls who have transcended duality consciousness through the mystical marriage of Osiris and Isis.

It all could just be happening in our minds, though, as Descartes warned us. So we had better follow his maxim of “Cogito Ergo Sum.” “I think, therefore I am.” But, even more importantly, we must “be still and know,” so that we can receive the holographic imprint of reality being generated in our right hemisphere.

Lastly, if you don’t believe that the stimulation of a certain neuronal assembly in the right hemisphere generates a “sensed presence,” within the left hemisphere’s seat of self, please read this article in Wired about the work of neuroscientist, Michael Persinger.

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