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David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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I just want to apologize to all the readers for not delivering more articles. I have been very busy at work learning new computer skills which is hard for a guy 65 years young, but I am slowly learning it; however, when I get home I am mentally drained. People have been writing in asking where I’ve been which is nice to see, so I will try my best to get more articles out in the future. Thanks to Jread4783 and NZplanetx for writing nice comments and, for all of you, I will try to do better.

I thought that you might be interested in this video that shows just how powerful lightning can be and because of the weather being so crazy it does not surprise me.
We’ve seen snow in the Caribbean and Mexico suffered a couple of feet of snow this winter; flooding still continues around the world. With all of these weather changes, one would think that the mainstream media would have a hay day reporting this but nothing seems to get reported. Even earthquakes and volcanoes never seem to hit the news and the only two subjects that CNN covers is Trump and terrorists.

I did see a video on Yellowstone and, although over the years it has received some coverage about what would happen if it erupted, if it did ever erupt the fallout from that would kill millions of people and I have a bad feeling that because of Planet X getting closer it could have an adverse effect on this. From what I understand, the probes have been shut down for some reason and I am not sure why, unless the people who monitor this know that it could erupt in the very near future. Just be ready to bug out if need be and get as far away as you can — I mean far away. The experts say that there is a 10% chance of an eruption; that may not sound very high but I think it is high.

Most people settle in for the evening and turn on the news to see what is happening, not only in their local area but nationally. You as a viewer expect the media to be impartial and deliver the truth. Well, I am here to tell you that you get news which is far from the truth. The powers that be decide what you are going to hear and you have been lied to daily for a long time. I strongly recommend you reading the article and watch the video here. I am very pissed off because of the lies; there is virtually no one you can trust or believe anymore. We have been manipulated for years and I am sick of it. I want the truth and if the powers that be think that we can’t handle the truth they are wrong. They manipulate just about everyone and everything to meet their goal, which is total control, and they have had centuries to perfect this. Wake up, world, and start to question what you have been told and believe nothing they tell you. The media uses actors to make statements that have been rehearsed and they are good at it, but some people have picked up on the deception and posted this con job on the Web.

Alternative news is thriving because of the lies broadcast by the mainstream media and I do believe that some of you, like me, recognize the deception and the garbage news they thrust onto your big-screen TV. I for one am sick and tired of all of this and for years now I have been searching for the truth, especially about Planet X approaching and the timeline for its arrival.

I always keep an eye on what the global weather is doing and when there is a dramatic change in the weather, which I think you will agree that this year’s tops the cake for weather change. I watch the weatherman on the news telling me that we have a vortex pushing this weather change. Can anyone tell me if you have heard that term used five or 10 years prior to this? I don’t think so, so where did this anomaly come from? I personally think that, like all the other planets in our solar system whose weather has gone crazy, it is due to the influence from Planet X, and Earth is part of this solar system. They will never tell you what is really going on, as it could thwart their plans, which is our extinction — well, not all of us but most.

Just take a look at the debates going on in the US — that’s if you want to call them debates, because I think they are behaving worse than children. If we behaved the same way that these so-called potential leaders are doing when we were kids, our parents would smack our butts and tell us to behave. All I witness are these so-called adults chucking insults at each other and these candidates are an embarrassment to the human race. But remember that one of these candidates is going to have the launch codes to the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world; boy, is that scary.

Now, getting back to Planet X. People are still wondering where it is, including myself. I see now on the Web many of the so-called experts have pushed the date out to 2017. They could be right but I am not holding my breath, but the good news is the longer it takes to get here, the better prepared I will be. I am constantly preparing and I have a plan and one of the things in my plan was to trade my car for a truck, so if I have to bug out I can carry more supplies. I will be changing my profile picture later on which will include my truck that I have named “The Beast,” as it is all black. I am looking to move from where I am to a more rural area so I can avoid the mass of people in the city and I am planning this for the end of summer; you might want to consider that for yourself, if you can swing it.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Be careful who you listen to.

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