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History as theater: Planet X / Nibiru revealed

David Meade - Guest Writer for

David Meade – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Meade
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What the world calls history is theater. We need to study the “news behind the news.”  Most young people today are so plugged into their electronic devices and fed so much disinformation and misinformation by the mass media, they have ceased to effectively even function. This is what the powers that be count on. The true events such as Planet X are like a “Magic Eye” picture that you have to stare at for a long time until you see it.

Deep Underground Military Bases are an Orwellian concept. They are a creation of the Intelligence Community. The Directors of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the CIA created them out of black budgets.

As far as true history goes, universities now for the most part no longer pursue the old concepts of chivalry, critical thinking and truth. Instead, they’re devoted to social engineering and “getting everyone on the same page.”

History is propaganda about the past. Most historians don’t tell the truth or they would be fired. History is replete with cover-ups and conspiracies. The disinformation program on Planet X is nothing new to the playing field.

Case in point: Only 13 of the 100 volumes of Marx’s writings have been published because to do so would expose the true nature of Communism.

Another true fact: Between 1935 and 1951, the Soviets knew all of Britain’s secrets through the Cambridge Five. This team operated in MI-5, MI-6 and the Foreign Office. Baron Rothschild was the Fifth Man, protected until his death. The Allies relied on secret intelligence to win the war! But this is not taught in history books.

A Naval Intelligence officer told me one time that he knows a coded book when he sees one and “the Bible is a coded book.” It contains the truth about Wormwood (Planet X) in the last book, the Apocalypse (a Greek term for “the revealing.”)

Let’s look at World War II for more examples. Was Hitler raised to power by an unseen hand? Standard Oil supplied the Nazis with fuel. It supplied a rare lead additive without which the Luftwaffe could not fly.

Situated on a slight rise – formerly known as Affenstein Hill – in Frankfurt Germany’s desirable WestEnd district is a remarkable building – the I.G. Farben Building. General Eisenhower gave specific instructions at the time of the Allied bombing of Frankfurt to avoid damage to the Farben Building. It later became CIA Headquarters in Germany.

Adolf Hitler was totally dependent upon the industrialists who put him in power. In the end, war criminals either went to work for the CIA or fled to South America.

What we term “history” is mostly propaganda, a cover-up. FDR said nothing in politics happens by chance.

The conspirators’ hope is in this maxim: “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

The lesson of this story is that “news” often is simply the “camouflage of democracy.” History is a play. Secret societies operate from any power base they can achieve. Secret societies that plot against humanity exist. When Planet X becomes visible shortly, this plot will be disclosed.

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