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Is Delta Airlines chemtrail spraying?

Idaho nature photographer Ed Cushman took a picture of a Delta airliner he claims was chemtrail spraying.

This website is normally devoted to outdoor and nature photography. However, sometimes I come across something that I must comment on.

I took the below picture on a perfectly clear day down in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It wasn’t long before the sky was criss-crossed with trails that were made throughout the day. When I got home and took a closer look at this picture (above), I discovered that it was a Delta Airlines plane that was spraying.

I’d guess that this plane was at its usual flight altitude of about 30,000 feet. The trail went all the way across our sky and lasted many hours until it dissipated and blended in with other trails and upper haze, on what started out as a perfectly clear, blue morning.

Then after much research, I came across stories that told how an airline mechanic was let go after he discovered a spraying apparatus on a plane that he had never worked on before.

On YouTube, a passenger told what he experienced while flying; passengers were told to lower the window shades during daylight, apparently, so they would not see the chemtrails the plane would be laying down. According to the report, the captain ‘invited’ everyone to lower the shades which apparently was a ‘command’ since the stewardesses went through the cabin enforcing the captain’s ‘invitation.’ The curious traveler admits that he lifted the shade slightly and saw chemtrails.

Additionally, that same passenger spoke about how on another flight he was ordered to put his camera into the luggage bin because it would interfere with the plane’s electronics, yet, a few seats away from him he said other passengers were using computers!

Patent #5003186 owned by Hughes Aircraft Company, PROVES that chemicals or fine aluminum / barium particles CAN BE MIXED AND DISTRIBUTED via the jet fuel! This CLEARLY explains why some chemTtails are formed directly from the engine exhaust as we can clearly see above! Chemtrails are about nine times larger in the sky than normal exhaust contrails and last for hours.

If you’re not familiar with what they are spraying, it can be a mixture of barium which is a piezoelectric substance, i.e. it generates an electric field or electric potential in response to applied mechanical and electromagnetic stress. Thus, areas of the sky can be manipulated by HAARP’s energy fields for weather manipulation. (We all know how crazy our weather is now compared to in the past.) Aluminum and barium is also used. Geoengineers have stated the goal of 20,000,000 tons of aluminum a year for global dispersement that will sure make us all come down with Alzheimer’s quickly, and increase big pharma profits. By spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere to reduce sun energy absorption, it induces diseases galore in humans and plants and kills trees.

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