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Freudian death wish and the North American Union

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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There is a strange phenomenon afoot in America and it represents the very undoing of America, itself. However, simultaneously, as America is named for its discoverer Amerigo Vespucci, perhaps it is best to say that America is truly set to attain its wholeness with the inception of the North American Union. I argue that whether Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton win the White House, you will soon see the formal announcement of the imminent creation of the North American Union / NAFTA superhighway.

If I were to try to describe the psychic climate of North America, it would be the Battle for Helm’s Deep in J.R. Tolkien’s The Two Towers.

HAARP would certainly be the Tower of Isengard, with the United States military-industrial complex / DARPA serving the will of Saruman, and Dulce being the underground establishment where Saruman creates his fighting Uruk-Hai.

Add to that witches’ brew the maddening dimension of quantum disturbances and sub-atomic collisions occurring underground at CERN, the mountain of doom in my imagination, where the modern ring of power has been used to open the Abyss and release Lucifer and all of the fallen angels, and you can see both Frodo’s angst and anxiety. Of course, the fallen angels would be like ring wraith s… grey aliens trying to artificially inseminate.

Frodo is the generations of X and Y and Bilbo is the WWII generation, who found the ring of power in the atomic bomb and made deals with the darker side of the force.

Bilbo fought the dragon Smog, the Nazis, but also unleashed in himself a monstrous attachment to the atomic technology. Of course, along with the destruction, the atomic age created a modern Gollum, a useful idiot desperate for power just like the ring wraiths, and who can be used to serve the Reptilian brain and the Reptilian Cult of Sauron, a power-addicted Illuminati cult worshiping immorality and served by millions of mindless idiots all serving as holographic Gollums, which is ironic because Gollum has a root in Talmudic mysticism as a monster created by Solomon’s ring.

The Great Dragon was cast out of Heaven in the Bible and his angels were cast out with him. That refers to the collection of Lucifer, Satan, the Prince of this planet (the devil) and all of his staff as well as the other rebels. Jesus had power over them as referenced in the case of the legion of demons that Jesus commanded to enter the herd of swine.

Solomon’s ring is undoubtedly the model for Tolkien’s ring of power and it was Solomon’s ring that was said to command demons, djinn in Islamic thought. These seem to be the very beings that are set to eventually be judged for their rebellion against the Most High and his servant / sovereign Son, Jesus Christ.

CERN is the modern version of Solomon’s ring.

It’s smashing the glass of creation to release the original seminal substance. Of course, that force is as much destructive as it is creative because thermodynamics release unstable atoms and quantum dynamics creates miraculously large quotients of energy release. Meanwhile, there is a stable hexagonal vortex on Saturn. I don’t know how to say this but perhaps the goal is open a portal and Saturn, perhaps, is the door-keeper between this solar system and other dimensions.

Freud said that the Id is the source of sexual energy, which he called “libido.” As children, for many of us, Freud claimed that our story was one of trying to marry or possess Mommy and to do so many of us resorted, psychologically, to the idea of wanting to kill Daddy to marry Mommy. Freud claimed this Oedipus complex was perfectly natural and that a symbolic castration was necessary in order to help the child, in this case a boy, (in girls, it is called the Elektra Complex), in the service of the child eventually becoming able to pattern responsible behaviors from the same-sex parent.

That patterning becomes the template for our adolescent egos and then as adults, our challenge is to blend the Super Ego, which is the Big Other, Society, Religion, Science, History, etc. so that our personality reflects a vast stock of knowledge for the sake of future generations as well as for the furtherance of pleasure.

Of course, pleasure and the pleasure principle is the most commonly cited aspect of Freud’s thought. Obviously, Freud’s initial dream interpretation was one of wish fulfillment, but when he encountered soldiers’ repeated traumatic nightmares, he realized that the death wish was something that each human being also desired. In the universal way that human beings desire sexual satisfaction, humans also desire to return to an earlier state of organic unity.

Perhaps this is what is going on in North America with the North American Union. The problem is that we may, unfortunately, just be erecting a new big Other, a Totalitarian, Technological, fascist state that has no intention of being a Utopia or in helping people to find and express their own version of Pure Being as Free Spirits. I love the Utopian lore of communism; but, I know, all-too-well, the reality of the fascist dystopias of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Communist China, to actually believe that there is such a thing as actual communism. In practice, it is an excuse for public-private partnerships that discriminate against the actual will of the public and violate their privacy.

Of course, the aggression being demonstrated by people against the capitalism of the United States is a strange, round-a-bout way of voicing a position to join with the Big Other, as long as the Big Other loves all races and is not the white, Christian, God or the white, Christian, Jesus. This is why Islam is the take-over religion and Black Lives Matter is the new mantra of communism.

Ironically, socialism is seen as the saving calculation against the greed of capitalism. Nevermind that true capitalism, like true communism, has never actually been practiced, because the banks and the regulations always interfere.

Prior to the distinction between capitalism and communism, it was Church vs State or Church vs King, and neither party had the interest of science during the burgeoning Renaissance, so Science aligned with the democracy loving, free-market capitalists in creating the United States of America through the revolution of 1776.

2016 is now the year of the anti-revolution. It is a time for the goddess, so Earth worship and the environmental card seems like a Trump card, pun intended, while capitalism is seen as destroying the Earth, with the white race seemingly being the most responsible, even though communist China, in reality, is the main polluter, and race is quite insignificant. Nevertheless, Obama still gets to be seen as a communist, Islamic savior; Hillary gets to be seen as a goddess, and Trump gets to be seen as Hitler or Anti-Christ.

Meanwhile, the future of America, itself, is at stake, and the white race is being told that their lives don’t matter. In actuality, all lives matter, but the military-industrial complex is not interested in world peace. In returning to the Freudian view, Freud stated that aggression was the likely result of the death wish or death drive, because initially, the ego was likely to project the denial or repressive force of its own unincorporated superego onto others in its immediate environment.

In the last analysis, there is a Saturnian death cult overshadowed by sinister and ancient Reptilians. Early in the 20th century, humans contacted alleged extraterrestrial beings who arrived on the American landscape in 1947. 1947 was the same year as the formation of both the NSA and the modern state of Israel. The rebirth of Israel brought the age of Islamic jihad, which has ultimately set the stage for new crusades. It remains to be seen what happens in Europe and Africa, as the NATO / European Union / Globalist Bankers / United Nations seem to have an agenda that is more or less invested in allowing some states to become failed states in order to demonstrate that the very of statehood and nationalism and borders has ended and it is time to accept collectivism.

Obama has just stated that capitalism and communism are fundamentally the same in that they both trying to solve the same problem of meeting people’s needs, so people should choose whatever works. Unfortunately, history has shown that most communist states have been or do become hell-holes over time, unless you sell out your individuality and your voice and become a puppet of the state and stop serving your God and your Self in place of the false God of collective humanity or the Earth.

Into this Helm’s Deep scenario, Nibiru / Planet X appears like Gandalf on the 5th day at dawn. It remains to be seen when this dawn will be. If we are talking about one year or a thousand more years until this polar reversal / Great Day of the Lord.

I humbly submit that Jesus is the Aragorn figure that our collective Frodo is looking for, while it remains unclear if Donald Trump is Boromir or the leader of the Riders of Rohan.

In the end, The Two Towers satisfactorily captures the epic danger of our current age. Somehow, after the Battle of Helms’s Deep… America, the Return of the King in the defeat of Sauron becomes anticlimactic.

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