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Going from far left to far right to the pineal gland

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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I confess that, politically, I have moved from the far left to the far right; but, with all due respect, I also confess that, because I have remained in the outfield, I haven’t come yet to the common center of our political discourse. To me, global warming is a colossal hoax, as well as a dastardly smokescreen concealing the true imminent approach of Planet X, which is the true factor heating up the North Pole as it attracts Earth to its gravitational, electromagnetic field.

Other planets have been overheated and affected by Planet X in the form of serious storms, comet collisions and orbital anomalies, which goes back, historically. Explaining the sensational heating of Pluto is difficult, when you consider that it is surrounded by the Oort cloud and the sun is going through a cooling phase.

It’s just a lot to swallow for most people—that the government tested bombs in the atmosphere and created holes in the ozone layer, then blamed coal and C02 for what they had done. The government has been using the Air Force and civilian aircraft to spray vaporized aluminum nanoparticles that have been added to fuel.

It’s just amazing to me that we are discussing nanoparticles of aluminum that most people deny exist at all, just as they would deny the existence of nanothermite in the ashes of the World Trade Center.

It’s a weird thing how it comes down to aluminum. Aluminum is the cause of the fluoride in the drinking water.

The aluminum industry, aka ALCOA, needed something to do with the fluoride being produced as a by-product by their factories, so they decided to convince the American people that sodium fluoride was good for our teeth (as well as for killing rats).

So now we’re getting aluminum in nanoparticles in our alveoli and fluoride particles attracting calcium to our pineal glands so they calcify.

This article actually shows that fluoride as well as calcium accumulate in the pineal gland because it has no blood brain barrier and it accumulates a lot of blood, second only to the kidneys.

Aluminum, mercury and fluoride could all very well be lodged in the pineal glands of young children and it is affecting their ability to produce melatonin and sulfates, which are both needed for sleep and overall health.

Between the vaccines and the chemtrails, children are bombarded with aluminum and the mercury is the trigger, with the glyphosates lighting the fuse, as it were, sugars being the underlying foundation for event-determination.

The event itself is an immune response. This can cause a neurological disorder, thanks to the encephalopathy that overheats the brain.

So, it’s no wonder the people can’t sleep and the children can’t think clearly for longer than five seconds before the toxicity gives a jolt, which triggers an alteration of their attention and throws them into a fight or flight activation of their limbic system unconsciously triggered.

Yes, the liberal media talks about triggers in the context of racism and sexism and all of the politically correct “isms” that are used, in my opinion, to halt free speech and prevent us from ever uniting in our shared suffering, thanks to the Illuminati and the technotronic elite.

This same technotronic elite perpetuated 9/11 using nanothermite charges on the cylindrical columns of the three imploded towers.

They gave us NAFTA, then destroyed the World Trade Center buildings, and now plan to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership using intimidation.

Meanwhile, they are planning on killing millions, if not billions, using a mixture of terrible disease, war, drought, famine, flood—pretty much all of the means at their disposal when you consider their mastery of geoengineering and bioengineering.

We have come full circle and see Atlantis re-emerging from the waters of the unconscious. Of course, America has become an evil Atlantis, a new sinister whore of Babylon selling weapons of death.

Thus, America has become an emulation of the universal Lucifer Rebellion against Jesus Christ and his Holy Father, Allah.

Be warned that ye may choose to serve the one universal Holy Father and may call him Allah, Buddha, Brahma, or just Father; but, deny him and his sons throughout the universes, and you will suffer damnation because a belief in the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit is beneficial to your personality survival, as it equips you to bind your Self to the Eternal Spirit currently residing within your mind-body-soul complex. The spirit will flee you if you deny it and deny its source, the Holy Father. Jesus will deny you if you thoroughly deny him; this is the ambivalence of pitting Christianity against Islam in an effort to get everyone to deny Jesus and deny the Holy Father, and, perhaps, even to give allegiance to Lucifer and the fallen angels.

You must be warned because the Great Harvest is indeed approaching and Revelation is upon us. September 23, 2017 will mark the sign of Revelation 12, the Great Woman crowned with 12 stars giving birth to a new age.

David Meade has done a great job of highlighting the imminence of this sign.

It is obvious to many, by now, that the pregnancy and the rocking to and fro of the woman in childbirth refers to the magnetic poles being pushed and pulled by the electromagnetic interaction of the sun and Planet X. We don’t wish to predispose your thinking whether or not Planet X is a brown-dwarf star that serves as a hidden binary companion to the sun, or if it is a mystery planet.

That last link points to the fact that every 500,000 years there is a harvest of souls because it is the end of a dispensation. If you would like to take that and suggest that souls reincarnate during that time or incarnate just once and reside in Heaven waiting for hundreds of thousands of years for everyone else, be my guest. I just want people to understand that a Rapture is not just a once-in-a-Creation thing.

Harvest is a better word than rapture because it implies that the fruit has reached maturity and is ready to extracted and transported.

Before this happens, look for the technotronic elite to bully us and bluff us with more supposed world war threes and more global warming scare tactics and terrorism scare tactics to keep us from celebrating the imminent judgment of the Lucifer Rebellion and the Great Harvest. I argue that these are the events meant to occur at the end of the period of the Tribulation, which I submit will begin September 23, 2017 and last seven years.

Rest assured, if you have not been a believer and would like to change your mind, I am here on to evangelize. I think you can become saved by simply surrendering on the inside. Like Arthur Schopenhauer has stated, you can surrender your will the same way Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Muslims alike surrender theirs. Jews as well, I just have a tough time with the Talmud. I love the Kabbalah and the tradition of Isaac Luria, but the Rothschild creation of Israel and the perpetual denial of Jesus is just not okay. Just as the denial of the Father is not okay. It will not reap good rewards. Keep an image of a holy family and you’ll be alright.

The goddess has also come back to say hello at the end times, and I love the goddess, but I do not think the goddess needs to usurp God. Male and female energies, like Shiva and Shakti or Yin and Yang, play a role, according to the Hermetic Axiom, in shaping all of Creation, but that does not mean that male and female do not both become united to the Higher Mind. The All is Mind. Once you know that, you become emancipated of your maleness or femaleness as well as your sexuality. You are left with the fruit of your actions, the love of your heart and the truth of your mind.

You must unite your male and female energies and have the inner hieros gamos so that you can unlock the power of your mind and begin to decalcify your pineal gland so it can work to stimulate you.

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