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The thing in itself

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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At some point in the 16th century, it began to dawn on mankind that perhaps the world they were looking at was not the real world. Copernicus truly inverted our reality and unwound our egos when he told mankind that the Earth revolved around the sun and that the sun was truly the center of the universe. Galileo, of course, was punished by the church for trying to accomplish a paradigmatic shift in the consciousness of the People.

With all due respect, it needs to be stated that it will not be easy for people to have a new paradigm shift similar in nature to the one that produced the scientific revolution and the Age of Enlightenment. As other writers on Planet X News have noted, the church was the institution that persecuted scientists, but, at least, it strove to believe in the mission Jesus accomplished on the cross, although they erred in making Christ co-equal and co-eternal as the Eternal Son of the Trinity. True, Christ Jesus is the sovereign ruler of the universe we abide in, but there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of universes; and, ultimately, there are seven Super Universes orbiting the Eternal Abode of Paradise, the abode of the Holy Father. Verily, the Holy Father operates through the actions of the Holy Spirit and the Eternal Son.

According to the Urantia Book, each local universe has a creator son and Jesus Christ is ours. Before being able to assume executive authority over his local universe, however, Jesus Christ (aka Michael of Nebadon or Christ Michael) came to abide on Earth as the seventh and final incarnation he would take among the variety of universe personalities that abide in our local universe. He did so as a means of establishing his sovereignty and, in so doing, defeating the Lucifer rebellion, as Lucifer was taken into custody following the triumph of the resurrection and the victory of ascension.

The Illuminati are nothing more than Luciferian Rebels, holdouts from the acceptance of the sovereignty of Jesus Christ which, of course, denotes the over-lordship of the Holy Father through the Holy Spirit, which is sevenfold and operates con-jointly.

Lucifer simply rebelled and presented a sophisticated argument about the non-existence of the Holy Father and the dubiousness of the sovereignty of the creator son.

He just happened to convince the planetary prince of our planet to join the rebellion, which led to the planet being quarantined. Then, Adam and Eve were sent, following the overt rejection of rebellion, but they erred by going outside of their marriage to breed. They were intended to help the evolution of consciousness on this planet through a genetic upgrade that would gradually come to pass. They were intended to be good shepherds of a violet race.

This is where the master race notion stems from. The Germans, thanks to Nietzsche and others, began to suspect that the Atlanteans were their forefathers who were blonde-haired and blue-eyed. Then, the altruism of the church and the financial acumen of the Jews gradually led to their economy being suppressed and their wills to power felt crushed, so they surrendered their will to men like Adolf Hitler.

However, the paradigm shift I am asking the people to make is to understand that behind every Hitler lies a perverted Weishaupt. Remember, Weishaupt was an excommunicated Jesuit turned Illuminati professor.

He was a Talmudist, as David Martin has stated, and the Talmud suggests that Jesus is boiling in hell instead of reigning over an entire universe; it’s quite a significant distinction and it is unacceptable in the long term to be engaged in rebellion against Jesus.

However, Jesus is subject to the Ultimate Reality of the jurisdiction of the Holy Father through the Ancients of Days’ jurisdictional authority. Adjudication is a slow process and, in the case of a rebellion, the adjudication apparently had been deferred for hundreds of thousands of years before Jesus Christ. This is why, when Jesus said on the cross, “It is done,” he was referring to his ability to gain sovereignty over his universe. Soon, around Pentecost, the world observed Ascension. This was meant to be a demonstration, at some level, of the future light bodies that all who love Jesus and his Father will receive, for we are in the process of choosing perpetual life over death and light over darkness.

To me, this light body is the thing in itself. It has been called the Mer-Ka-Bah, or the light-spirit-body, by many—seemingly Hebrews and Egyptians alike, and perhaps it is part of the secret wisdom of Egypt that Moses possessed and transmitted to the Jews.

My argument is that Moses was a student of the wisdom tradition of Thoth Hermes, or Hermes Trismegistus, and the merkabah equals personality ascension.

The form of the Merkabah becomes a flattened disc and I find it interesting that Jung said that UFOs were projections of the wholeness of the unconscious mind onto the world. I have written about ionized mercury plasma as the fuel of UFOs, but plasma is not understood by the average person, so I may as well be saying that UFOs are powered by cold fusion.

Liquid mercury becoming vaporized will produce anti-gravitational effects due its ability to produce its own localized magnetic field.

When Immanuel Kant described the thing in itself, he was referring to our inability to actually know or see anything essentially. In other words, we cannot see the essence of a thing or, in other words, we cannot see the thing in itself; we see its appearance.

I argue that the 7 Hermetic Axioms of the Kybalion are the basis of this knowledge tradition deriving from ancient Egypt and which re-emerged in the Middle Ages, thanks in part to its role in spawning the Greek philosophical thought of Pythagoras and Plato.

To me, the axiom “as above, so below,” is the most ubiquitous of all seven Hermetic principles.

However, the principle of vibration is the most essential: “Everything vibrates. Everything is in motion.” The Shiva and Shakti than becomes the modern Star of David.

When we can truly represent in our minds, the image of counter-rotating tetrahedral fields, or just counter-rotating tetrahedrons, I believe then we will understand the mysterious thing in itself. I further submit that we will be able to appreciate the strange patterns of weather that we see.

The two tetrahedrons are experiencing separate push-pulls of planetary magnetism and are being pulled in different directions and there is a bulge around the equator as well. The North Pole is heating up and attracting weather patterns as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

Of course, the thing in itself is also will, as Arthur Schopenhauer tells us. So, our will must become aligned with the seven Hermetic principles, as I will here state.

  • Principle of Mentalism: The All is Mind. Everything is ultimately an idea either in our mind, or in the mind of God, however you chose to see it.
  • Principle of Correspondence: As above, so below. A Sevenfold spirit coordinates seven super universes, which, in turn, fosters the sevenfold nature of creation itself.
  • Principle of Vibration: Everything vibrates and everything is in motion. Planet X and its 7 planets included.
  • Principle of Polarity: Everything is dual and has its opposite. We are heading for a polar reversal and a reversal from patriarchy back to matriarchy.
  • Principle of Rhythm: Everything flows in and out like the tides and the breath.
  • Principle of Cause and Effect: Everything has a cause, and the bond of causality is what is linking Planet X with Earth’s poles.
  • Principle of Gender: Everything has harmonious masculine and feminine aspects.

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