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Pisces, Bishop George Berkeley and the illusion of matter

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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Okay, well here we are. The end of an age. The end of a cycle. The end of our illusions. Beginning of the sovereignty of Jesus Christ and the Age of Aquarius. Of course, technically speaking, this universe has been the domain of the Lord Jesus Christ since He called out on the cross, “It is done.” And the judicial function of His dominion took shape immediately following Pentecost when the devil, that old serpent, was bound and taken into custody to await the final judgment.

The irony is that the only thing remaining is to perform the judgment of the Lucifer Rebellion as well as perform the raising of the dead in the final resurrection. But these things are the more misunderstood and more esoteric matters, until they take shape in the physical plane, when they will constitute the most dramatic spectacle the world has ever seen or witnessed.

This is where we stand in our physical contemplation of Planet X, or the system of adjoining planets and moons that orbit the brown dwarf star that has become so infamous since its discover in the early ’90s. Or rediscovery, I should say, as Nibiru has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue since Sitchin returned everyone to the days of ancient Sumeria.

I must say that returning back to ancient days to try and understand what the significance of this astronomical anomaly must mean is probably the most intriguing aspect of this whole Planet X revelation to me because I began this journey in 2001 thinking that a pole shift would occur on or around Dec. 21, 2012, and when that didn’t happen, I began to think that I was foolish to think I or anyone could predict a specific date just because it happened to coincide with the Galactic Center and the ending of the Baktun cycle of the Mayan Long Count.

So many of us went back to Revelation and the Old Testament prophets after that anticlimactic day passed unceremoniously into the history books. This is where the notion of the alignment around the constellation Virgo on September 23, 2017 is so interesting. It perfectly aligns itself with the scripture in Revelation 12 as well as with the idea Bishop George Berkeley had in 1711, which is that all matter is an idea in the infinite mind of God. The Bible says that the stars and the planets tell us the vision of God and this alignment perfectly demonstrates the idea of the birth of a new age in which the king is reborn (so to speak) in the people’s minds.

Jupiter is the planet of kingship or eminence and its relationship to Virgo suggests a new king could be born. Also of intrigue is the 12 stars adorning Virgo, which include the stars of Leo as well as Mars. Mars’ energy is war and so peace will only be possible when internally we have harmonized our internal Mars energy within us. This is the message of the sash going from the left shoulder to the right hip adorning Buddhist monks—to show us we must take the energy from our left shoulder through our heart and then ground it down through our right leg. It sounds silly to talk about energy and chi and pranayama perhaps, but it is the only thing that is going to save us on an internal level. Concepts and entities are fun to throw around conceptually, but only aligning your head over your heart is going to give you true, lasting peace of mind. We must decompress our spines and breathe and fully appreciate that indeed, Planet X is going to eventually do what it must do, according to laws of gravity and motion common to Newtonian physics. If it does indeed get slingshot, as it were, back around the sun as it makes its way around the Earth, then certainly a pole shift would seem logical and likely and the Atlantic would become a very treacherous coastline indeed.

Of course, the Pacific is already ready to explode and California is a ticking time bomb. But just recently, New York revealed its own Fukushima ready to happen on the Hudson, which should pique everyone’s curiosity. The point I am trying to make is that everyone and everything is very sensitive due to the effect of both our toxic environment and the pull of Planet X on Earth’s North Pole.

The good news is that people’s Kundalini energy could potentially become activated and we could experience an awakening of enormous potential to forgive and love ourselves and others due to our shared isolation and suffering. We have suffered awaiting God’s return for these 2,000-plus years of the Age of Pisces and our Mars warrior instinct has been misused to crucify women and the other tribes and races, etc. Now, all of that must end as we truly take our warrior energy and become wizard warrior poets.

This kind of oneness I am referring to will yield meaningful synchronicities in your life. Triplets and unexpected coincidences of amazing significance will follow you every day.

You will understand the matrix is forming due to our own thoughts, ambitions, dreams, etc., as well as our unconscious needs, wants, desires and fears, etc. Let’s not forget the judgment of Lucifer that is impending as well as the imminent return of Jesus as the conquering Lion, as these two events are likely to coincide.

Pisces is a water sign that rules the feet and yields a very flexible personality type willing to do or endure anything in order to love, be loved and feel oneself to be part of a whole that is ultimately loving. This could mean a love of God or music, art, dreams, booze, pot, LSD, ecstasy, mushrooms, etc. It is the surrendering of the personality that the Pisces personality is looking for. Of course, the personality cannot be surrendered but rather should be made to yoke itself to the Great Spirit. This is the perennial message of philosophy and of yoga itself. Union means to reunite both halves of the brain and realize that we are both Self and Other, Creator and Creature. We are the smallest of the small in the eyes of God and the greatest of the great to so many other creatures. Truly, there are many created beings with more spiritual brilliance than our brains could ever comprehend. Like when Jesus told Mary she could not touch him because, “He had not yet ascended to His Father.”

We are all meant to have these ascension vehicles. They are called Light-Spirit-Bodies or Mer-Ka-Bahs.

You can picture two counter-rotating tetrahedral fields, if you would like. Or take the star of David first, and then three-dimensionalize the image so you have two superimposed pyramids instead of two superimposed triangles. Now picture them spinning counter-clockwise and clockwise, respectively, and you pretty much get the idea. The one on top spins faster and is considered male and the one on the bottom spins slower and is considered female. The goal is to increase their spin proportionally so you can vibrate the particles of air in your lungs and eventually the vortex effect overtakes your consciousness and ultimately you can leave the body. I believe somehow it is associated with a release of DMT.

At any rate, that is about all I can say. We are making ascension vehicles for ourselves with our actions here and at any minute we are to be released from our little eggshells and we will see who will be able to fly and who will be forced to surrender to the Greater Spirit Dominion of the Ancient of Days in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ serving the One Eternal Father.

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