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The astronomical sign of Revelation 12 and Google cover-ups

David Meade - Guest Writer for

David Meade – Guest Writer for

Why would Google, or NASA, for that matter, cover up a Biblical-based sign in the constellation Virgo?

By Guest Writer David Meade
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There is an object I call the ‘Red Dragon’ anomaly appearing in the constellation Virgo currently mirroring the vision or Biblical ‘sign’ of Revelation 12. Cosmologically, the sun travels the ecliptic and every September it passes through the constellation Virgo. The moon also travels close by. Toward the end of September in 2017 there is a precise configuration of the Revelation 12 imagery, which is somewhat complex and involves the simultaneous interphase of half a dozen astronomical variables. But in addition to the Revelation 12 sign, as it is known, the imagery of the Dragon at the feet of Virgo with Sun at head and Moon at feet presents itself right now in real time. The most exact appearance will occur in September 2017. In fact, over a 7,000-year period studied on Stellarium (6,000 years back and 1,000 years forward), the Revelation 12 sign as observed in the autumn of 2017 is unique – it does not appear in context with all elements present any other year than 2017. That’s highly unusual and extraordinary, especially considering the source. Now the Red Dragon of Revelation 12, the second part of the puzzle, may well be and, I believe, rather obviously is Planet X, as it’s referred to in an earlier chapter of Revelation in a similar manner. A colleague of mine at a university in the western US brought a very interesting point – perhaps a cover up – to my attention. Here it is:

The areas of the Dragon anomaly have been covered or patched up by Google Sky in the past. But one of the ways to actually see what is behind this patched-out area is to use SkyView by NASA. SkyView is a Virtual Observatory on the Net that generates images of any part of the sky from wavelengths of all regimes from Radio to Gamma- Ray depiction based on filters. When one views these images in various filters, you can see that the actual color of this anomaly in Virgo is ’red’ and it does look very menacing as it appears to have a face like a dragon with 2 profound eyes. It is very intriguing and quite strange.

I’ll provide, very briefly, the right ascension and declination.

Here it is:

Just copy and paste this coordinate as follows: 13h 50m 44.0s -8 13′ 59.7″

Right Ascension is the celestial equivalent of longitude. Longitude measures how far east and west a place lies on the Earth’s surface. The starting point is the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London. Greenwich is at 0 degrees.

With 24 hours in the full 360 degrees of sky, each hour corresponds to 15 degrees of angular distance.  Like degrees, each hour is split into 60 minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds.

But in the sky, latitude is called declination. By convention, the celestial equator has a declination of 0 degrees. North and south of the celestial equator, declination is marked with a “plus” and “minus” sign.

Each degree is split into 60 smaller units called “minutes of arc,” marked by a single quote (‘), and each minute is split into 60 “seconds of arc,” marked by a double quote (“).

Then on SkyView, choose the IRAS 100 micron telescope setting and there you are! You’ve never seen an object quite like this one.

Now the sign itself might be a sweeping parenthetic of that entire 70th Week of Daniel, which is a key to solving the most complex cryptogram in existence, the Book of the Apocalypse. As to what it is, the astronomical scientific community is keeping a low profile about it. The question is, why did they ever cover it up to begin with?

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