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Planet 9 is a decoy and deception, it is not Planet X / Nibiru

The reason for the barrage of disinformation at this time is because the real Planet X is critically close to the inner solar system.

By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research

There has been a barrage of disinformation articles and videos and even general confusion concerning what and where Planet X is. More and more articles seem to be equating Planet 9 with Planet X, as though one is the other. This just isn’t so! Planet 9 was “discovered” for a reason: to displace Planet X in the minds of truth-seekers! The reason for the barrage of disinformation at this time is because the real Planet X is critically close to the inner solar system.

[NOTE: As seen in Marshall Masters’ Planet X System Update for November 2015 – Glenn Vaughan’s video of April 11, 2015 clearly shows Nibiru with “wings.” Comets (or comet-planets) do not develop wings until they are inside the orbit of Jupiter. So it appears that Nibiru (the outermost planet of the Planet X system) is now just entering the inner solar system between Jupiter and Mars.]

So to clear up the purposely-generated confusion over this issue, it would be good to ask yourself why this is being done. Then ask these very important questions about Planet X:

  1. Who do I believe concerning Planet X?
  2. What is Planet X?
  3. Where is Planet X?
  4. When will Planet X arrive?
  5. What will happen when Planet X gets here?

To answer these questions, read this.

To see what the Planet X – Planet 9 agenda is really all about, read this.

The above two articles, though somewhat lengthy, explain quite thoroughly what the real Planet X is, as well as the Elites’ agenda concerning the deception — Planet 9. So it is most important to stop chasing after the Planet 9 decoy and deception!

The decoy, Planet 9, is put there for several reasons:

  1. Change the name – thereby displacing Planet X with a deception.
  2. Change the distance (and the orbit), thereby lessening or even eliminating the threat altogether.
  3. Overtake and control the Planet X subject – changing the direction in the way the Elite want it to go and lead the truth-seeker astray in the process.

Officialdom (NASA, Caltech, etc.) are continually lying about Planet X and related issues – Earth changes, seismic activity, shifting of the poles, etc. Remember, good scientists have died trying to bring out the truth concerning the REAL PLANET X.


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