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Too much Planet X / Nibiru disinfo and failed predictions have left me jaded

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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There is some excitement right now on the Planet X issue. People who believe in Planet X are now rejuvenated but time has a way of creating disbelief because so many “experts” on this subject predicted that we would see Planet X in the sky by December 2015 and nothing happened again.

Well, I ask you ,where is it? I look to the sky and see nothing. I have to admit that this rocked me slightly and now the amount of people I trusted with giving me information on the Web has dwindled to less than a handful. I don’t blame those who once believed who now sit on the fence, even though there is supposed to be an unknown planet beyond Pluto.

Some of those so-called experts are exploiting those who believe that Planet X will be here very soon by offering food products for the end of times and they are probably making a huge profit. Well, those people are no better than the government that lies to you; in fact, I think they are worse.

I know I fell into the trap a few years back, thinking that it was only a matter of months until Planet X arrived and would cause massive destruction, but it never showed up and now I find myself throwing canned food away that I had stored, thinking it would sustain me for period of the predicted devastation.

I am sure that Planet X is out there and I believe that it will arrive in my lifetime and I spend countless hours searching the Web for that one person who can give me concrete information. Some say that if it was so close then amateur astronomers should have spotted it by now and I think that they are right; however, it could be hiding behind the sun, ready to pounce, but if that were true, what is holding it in limbo and what will cause it to carry on its journey and show itself to the world?

The latest mainstream news is buzzing about Planet 9 way out there in space beyond Pluto, but no one has seen it yet. It was two scientific researchers who decided to publish a paper on this predicted ninth planet after doing computer models and studying radical climate changes and disruptions on our surrounding planets, like Jupiter and Venus, so I wonder what is causing this disruption. Personally, I think it is a decoy of information to make people believe that this could be Nibiru, the brown dwarf, and amateur and professional astronomers will be looking in the wrong direction, and the statement will be made that it is not due for thousands of years and they will tell you not to worry and to go back to work, everything is okay — oh, and by the way, don’t listen to those doomsday people. I just wonder how the Planet X experts on the Web are going to handle this one.

Then we have this news team that mistakenly filmed Planet X. The video below is self-explanatory and I believe authentic, so who is right? Is it any wonder people are getting frustrated and confused?

I believe that Planet X is continually affecting our weather and the snowstorm on the East Coast is a fine example of that. People who have been interviewed there say that it is the worst storm they have ever seen. Here in Canada we should have had at least two feet of snow but we have had hardly any where I live. I wonder what is coming next. Well, maybe it will be Yellowstone as it seems to be acting up lately. You won’t hear much on the news about the earthquakes around there but check this out.

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake shook Alaska; it caused power outages, even though it was off the coast of Alaska. I wonder how many more we are going to have this year.

DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies and be careful who you listen to.

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