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The EMP effect and Planet X

David Meade - Guest Writer for

David Meade – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Meade
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Classifications of solar flares

The highest-impact solar flares normally experienced are X-Class flares. M-Class flares have a tenth the energy and C-Class flares have a tenth of the X-ray flux seen in M-Class flares. The more powerful M- and X-Class flares are often associated with a variety of effects on the near-Earth space environment. Y-Class exist; however, they are off the charts. In this article, we’ll discuss how Planet X will create these flares and the effects on Earth.

Hole in Earth’s magnetosphere

You probably know about the hole in the ozone, but do you know about the hole in the magnetosphere?  Governor Jesse Ventura did an excellent show on this.

The area around Earth that extends beyond the atmosphere is called the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere begins at approximately 1,000 km and extends thousands of kilometers into space. The sun and Earth’s magnetic field create this layer.

NASA has discovered (THEMIS mission) that Earth’s magnetic field contains a hole, which is 10 times larger than they previously believed. The magnetosphere shelters us from solar flares, but the hole is now four times the size of Earth.

Risk assessment

The worst-case scenario would happen when a violent CME that accompanies a Y-Class solar flare would both come at us in a 1-2 sequence. A Y-Class solar flare would send the part of the earth exposed to it back to the 1850s. It would have an EMP effect on all circuitry and electronics. Only hardened military electronics would survive.

Effects of Y-class solar flares

An EMP, or Electromagnetic pulse, is generated from the detonation of a nuclear device and also by extreme solar activity, such as that which was experienced in the year 1859. In the late summer of 1859, a great solar storm hit the planet. This storm was the product of a coronal mass ejection from the Sun.

On September 1 and 2, 1859, Earth’s inhabitants experienced the greatest solar storm in recorded history. It was called the Carrington Event. This storm short-circuited telegraph wires and caused massive fires. The typical light show you can watch in the far north, known as the Aurora Borealis, was seen as far south as Cuba, the Bahamas and Hawaii. Spark discharges even set the telegraph paper on fire. The electrical grid at that time was in its infancy, consisting mainly of a few telegraph wires in larger cities. This event, though frightening to those who witnessed it, had no major impact on the society of that day.

Planet X’s arrival will create an event that occurs on the surface of the Sun that releases a tremendous amount of energy in the form of a solar flare or a coronal mass ejection, which is an explosive burst of very hot, electrified gas that has a mass that exceeds that of Mount Everest.

This time events will be different. The event will bring down the electrical grid and the shelves on the grocery stores will be cleaned out inside of a day. Banks and ATMs don’t work without electric current. Gas pumps won’t be functioning. Food transportation will stop. Rioting and looting will be unrestrained. Communications satellites will be down. The 911 function on your phone isn’t going to work. For as long as it lasts, until new transformers can be built or imported, society will be in chaos. This will be the calling card of Planet X upon its near approach to our Earth and Sun.

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