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David Meade - Guest Writer for

David Meade – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Meade
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The magnetic poles have been shifting toward Russia at the rate of over 40 miles per year. But when Planet X arrives the physical poles will shift, creating a variety of tsunamis, hyper-earthquakes of never-before experienced magnitude, and the shifting of land masses.

In this article, we’ll examine the Sun States of California, Arizona and Florida and how they will be affected. We’ll look at Colorado and we’ll also examine one area of the U.S. which is prime for relocation and survival.

California is composed of rock plates. When rock is compressed, it breaks, and you’ll see the crumbling of rock as its mass is pushed upwards. The West Coast will have major catastrophic changes which will combine to synergistic proportions. Tidal waves will assault the coastline. High hurricane-force winds will erode the coast. Earthquakes will occur on the fault lines. Volcanic activity will erupt over pools of magma. Forest fires caused by volcanic explosions and severe lightning storms will spread throughout the region.

California is highly dangerous. The primary long-term danger in riding out the shifts will be for those who are living near the boundaries of plates. Cities without mountains as a backdrop will be washed out to sea. Very high-level quakes will create broken gas and water lines. Chaos will ensue. San Francisco is situated on the San Andreas and related fault lines. A lot of the population will be trapped. Water will overflow the city. Survival will be minimal.

In Arizona and its vicinity, the Hoover Dam will likely not survive the high Richter levels of earthquake activity. Rivers will flood and the areas within twenty miles of rivers should be avoided. Much of Arizona in cities such as Phoenix will be unaffected with the exception of wind damage or volcanic dust. Arizona has withstood many a pole shift.

The area around Tucson is safe. It is surrounded by mountains. Rainwater just runs back into the lowlands. Flash floods may create lakes, but Arizona is well beyond any danger from tidal waves.

Florida’s highest elevation is approximately 105 meters in the Florida Panhandle. This part of the state may be able to survive. As for central and south Florida and the Florida Keys, these parts will be devastated by a tide of water.

Colorado is a very safe area. The domestic division of the CIA is relocating to Colorado. That should give you many clues right there. Eastern Colorado descends into plains and has various rivers from the hills onto these plains. Some of these streams and rivers will be a port of safety in the aftermath of a pole shift.

The Ozarks (northern Arkansas and southern Missouri) have an average elevation of 800 to 1,000 feet. They are self-sufficient with water supply and have ample agricultural land. They will do well. They are also isolated from large metropolitan areas, and absolutely well enough inland to avoid flooding through tidal waves.

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