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Aquarius, Planet X / Nibiru and an examination of all things

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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Disclosure mixed with the spin is the essence of the modern media. Rarely does anybody provide the general public with a thorough analysis of things as they are. Academic sources of insight are scarcely disseminated to the populace. Instead, a rhetorically skewed and hegemonic global perspective is offered, seeking to define good and evil, friend and foe, threat and illusion, so that we can comfortably rest upon the authority of the screens we watch approximately 10 hours a day. is a welcome respite to the weary seeker, as well as for the enthusiastic newcomer to what may-as-well-be called conspiracy lore. But, to be clear, we are here, first and foremost, to ferret out the truth like a weasel in a field or a mole in the backyard. Truth has a very beautiful quality and beauty is the ultimate commodity. If you are reading this now, please understand that your nervous system is highly sensitive and attuned to spiritual energy that is seeking to ground itself into your being in order to reach the larger population. We are antennas for the intelligent mind of the cosmos, or the Universal Father through the 7-fold energetic body of the Universe Mother (Sophia).

Perhaps the transition from a short circuit to a reconnected circuit can serve as a means of schematizing the idea of what I am saying. The universe has a universal series of circuits that transmit energy as an intelligent electricity of sorts. The point is that we have been cut off from the universal circuits because of the original sin.

Yes, Adam and Eve broke the covenant by having sex outside of marriage. But, what most people don’t understand is that the covenant had been broken before this by the participation of the planet’s administering angels in the Lucifer Rebellion. At that point, this planet became something like a quarantined or prison planet. Souls went to sleep after they died instead of moving on to the mansion worlds of Heaven.

This was the victory of Jesus gained on the cross and, specifically, through Christ’s ascension to the Most High on Pentecost. Pentecost equals 50, rebirth and liberation, and 7 x 7 represents the guiding rule of the Jews. It serves as the guiding principle of both this universe and the larger Universe of Universes.

Between the Book of Enoch and the Holy Bible, it shouldn’t be hard to understand that Jesus redeemed humanity from the fallen masters they suffered nobly under. After we die, we gain victory over death and move on to the mansion worlds after we go through a life review. I submit that many of us return and reincarnate because of karma, and in effort to liberate our friends and families.

Nonetheless, humanity is still suffering under fallen masters of sorts, false idols, deceptive bond men and pharmacological Pharisees. After the stagnant time of Capricorn in the yearly round, Aquarius comes as a welcome electric charge. Aquarius gets things going to turn the tables so the spoiled can be tossed away in favor of the fresh. Jesus brought the sword, though peace is the ultimate goal of the sword’s use. Somebody has to separate the true from the false, the real from the illusory, the cold from the hot and the left from the right—not to mention the good from the evil.

On the other hand, even Satan is bound to reveal his method of deception, just as the vampire is bound to ask for entry and the false, vampire-like entities were once summoned willingly. So, I think this is perhaps why the news media is now being forced to report that a financial collapse is imminent and the solar system has at least one large gas giant planet in the area past Neptune masked by the Oort Cloud and orbiting the sun in a large, flat, elliptical trajectory through far-reaching space.

Now, it should be made clear that I have speculated previously that Planet X is truly a brown dwarf star with several planets and moons orbiting it, and that the unknown celestial object rising near the sun in this video could either be Nibiru itself or perhaps one of its planets or even moons.

Of course, NASA is stating publicly that they will make every effort to obtain the truth about Planet X, like Hillary stating her server is secure.

The sign of Aquarius is a fixed sign and it corresponds to the shins and the fullness of man. The shin bones are very sensitive indeed and they lead down to the feet where all the nerve endings ultimately terminate into a grand nerve-ending terminal. Aquarius is the air sign that can handle the information and follow the truth where it goes, without question, ceaselessly.

So, right now, if you are still with me, you will understand that the time between January 20 and February 20 is the zodiac time frame of Aquarius and things are going to escalate rapidly to their culmination. You may call it the movie’s rising action and the Earth is showing signs of going into labor to birth the new Age of Aquarius, where peace and truth will reign and the lion will lie with the lamb.

The Earth must get back on schedule. We are like a child who has been held back twice already and cannot be held back any longer from graduating, but we must pass our own final examination.

All roads lead to Rome because Rome built the roads, and then returned victorious, just as Jesus was victorious over the guile of Lucifer and the greed of the Jews. The Romans mistook Jesus for a pedestrian, but soon learned of His truth through His followers. The world is about to learn the truth again, just as the Romans did in the Colosseum. Ironically and intriguingly, the Romans and Jews both experienced volcanic eruptions. The difference is that the Jews associated their eruption with the will of God and the Romans died.

Ultimately, the same natural causes lay at the root of both eruptions; it was coincidence that the volcano that erupted while the Jews were being schooled by Moses was already a holy mountain and now it became the mountain and the mouth of God, just as Moses became the voice of God. Nevertheless, it is not coincidence that volcanoes are erupting left and right around the world.

The Planet X system is pulling and heating our North Pole; meanwhile, our South Pole is cooling and overall the planet is cooling, counter-intuitively.

Remarkably, we have record sea ice at the South Pole.

That perhaps make sense, if and when one takes into account the gravitational pull / attraction of the Earth’s North Pole toward Planet X.

Now, if we take further into account the fact that Planet X’s orbit (or the orbit of the entire Planet X system, if you prefer) is elliptical and will eventually boomerang its way back to the outer stretch of the solar system beyond the Oort Cloud in the Kuiper Belt, then perhaps we’ll finally see that shift happen.

The important thing to remember is that whether or not a pole shift is imminent, we are heading toward a mini ice age starting in 2030.

We need to defeat the deceptive and distorted rhetoric of carbon-based global warming occurring ironically while Japan is releasing nuclear radiation and California is releasing methane and the world’s fault lines are vibrating and the volcanoes are erupting.

The world’s so-called leaders have no interest in everyone flying around in private jets like they do because they are too selfish and greedy. They are not concerned about our welfare because they give us one fish every day, instead of teaching us how to fish.

They do not give us true spiritual knowledge about cause and effect, nor do they tell us about the fact that the Lucifer Rebellion has yet to be fully judged, though Jesus has been given sovereignty, thanks to His victory on the cross by drinking the mortal cup of death without resorting to His angelic armies.

Jesus surrendered to the will of the Almighty Universal Father, instead of relying upon His own will to survive. It is a difficult pill to swallow and a bitter cup to drink fully, to be sure, but if we stoically and perhaps even joyfully acknowledge our suffering, we can actually help others to bear their crosses gracefully, as we likewise bear our own crosses with dignity.

We can then rise up and meet the challenge of radical Islam with the true peace of Christianity and Islam because both religions base themselves on the experiences and commitment of the religion of Abraham. Both religions recognize Jesus as the immaculately-conceived, divine, ministering son of Mary; there is no denying that Islam espouses the virgin birth; its radical adherents just don’t seem to connect the dots for themselves into the notion that killing Christians and destroying churches is wrong, despite the fact that the Quran says matter-of-factly to “Respect all the peoples of the Book.”

As I have stated, this is a final examination. We must choose between light and dark so that we can be a light to others. It is not a difficult proposition to lift up your heart and be careful to let go of all fears before beginning any action so that you can be entirely sure you are basing your actions on the right motives.

Please be careful and considerate as your spread this information. The truth is difficult to transmit because you have to slowly give people the raw materials and then breathe the breath of life to start a fire that can help to relight the soul’s pilot light.

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