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Obama’s Antichrist credentials

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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1. Egypt

In 2013, reports surfaced connecting both Obama and his brother Malik to the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, this would only be of note if the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrated demonstrably anti-Christian sentiments such as hurting or killing Christians as well as destroying or damaging their churches. This, sadly, certainly did take place as the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.

Moreover, the government eventually was reclaimed by the Egyptian military as well as by the academics and economists with the doctors and medical establishment certainly happy to see some semblance of peace in the valley. To be sure, the damage was done. And a Christian community as old as Christ was uprooted like a glorious oak tree splintered asunder.

2. Libya

In Libya, a similar story occurred. Gaddafi had been claimed to be a terrorist but his people were safe and prosperous for the most part and he could ride around in a jeep, putting his hands in the air, without fear of being shot.

The Benghazi stand-down reaffirmed America’s commitment to keeping ourselves defenseless before the true infidels and our acceptance of allowing innocents and heroes to be slaughtered for the sake of an illegal arms trade that has only served to support hatred and murder in the name of ISIS or the caliphate or whichever name most suitably serves to demonize the truly peaceful religion of non-radical, Quran-based Islam.

It’s not like Gaddafi hadn’t warned Tony Blair of the dangers of radical Islam. Recordings have recently surfaced that Gaddafi had made the point plain and clear of radical Islamist terrorists threatening all legitimate countries around the circumference of the Mediterranean Sea.

Specifically, as in Egypt, it has been the non-Radical Muslims and the Christians who’ve felt the brunt of the club being wielded by these barbarians claiming to be servants of God.

3. Syria

In Syria, it has been particularly heartbreaking to watch Obama demonize Assad into a figure he is not. Instead, it has been America who has been indiscriminately killing and torturing innocent Muslims both in the Middle East all the way to Pakistan up through Kashmir and, of course, who could forget the 14-year-stay of many innocent Muslims in Guantanamo Bay. Obama had promised to end war and close Guantanamo but instead he has led the United States military into an unstable position by creating failed states throughout the Middle East and the Islamic world so all are vulnerable.

Soldiers are called upon yet again to fight another war for the peace and prosperity of a country that hasn’t had peace or prosperity in seemingly 101 years since prior to WWI and the creation of the Federal Reserve / income tax.

Meanwhile, we owe nearly $19 trillion and Obamacare is poised to make sure no one can get a full-time job, unless it is for one of the select corporations who got the Obamacare exemptions.

And it’s Christians who have been persecuted by the IRS in an unprecedented manner by Obama, unapologetically and without legitimate reason. Meanwhile, Christians are doing the majority of the charity work while FEMA gets all the money and the Clinton Foundation pays for the Clintons’ jets.

I’m working up to my point, which is that the wheels of commerce have literally come to a halt. Between the cap-and-trade fears and the Obamacare and the regulations and lowering of gas and the raising of commodities, there isn’t one single freighter ship in the Atlantic as of now—complete stand-down.

Of course, stand-down is the phrase of the day because that’s what Obama wants the Christians and the true Muslims to do—stand down. Stand down and let him continue to lie with impunity, as well as support ISIS with impunity. Allow Mrs. Clinton to continue to throw it in our face that she has profited from the death of an American ambassador, just as Obama has profited while almost all middle-class families—African-American and Caucasian and any and all ethnic-persuasions alike have fallen into near-poverty with less than $1,000.

Right now, we have radical Muslims (just barbarians using Islam as a beard and “Allah u Akbar” as a war cry) raping random women throughout Germany, but let’s not forget Norway and Finland and Denmark and Sweden. Let’s just say Barbarians are raping through Scandinavia.

Our country, though, is claiming that white people, white Christian veterans in particular, are the greatest violent threat. This is the beauty of the Luciferian lies that Obama has put up there for the public to drink down like wine. This is the false consumption that is truly the mark of the Beast. It doesn’t need to be a microchip yet, but when the microchip is ready, the lemmings will take it. There are the mandatory vaccines causing autism, GMOs and airborne contaminants for us all to choke on or to aspirate into our precious alveoli.

I’m not loving it, but I am loving the awakening that is occurring because that is all Obama is meant to be. An abomination of desolation just means that there is no light to be found in him and that there is no truth to be found in him. It doesn’t mean that he is some kind of supernatural beast or monster. That is foolish. He is just a politician who lies for a living.

So, with that in mind, let’s get back to the fact that it is the controlled media who allows him to lie to us for money. Let’s get back to the fact that the Secret Service knows that deep down Obama is a gay Muslim.

I don’t care if this particular effort to expose Obama is termed a hoax; it is pointing us back to the truth about the man. He was raised Muslim in Indonesia by a good man named Soetoro. Barack Obama used to go by “Barry Soetoro” back when he was a college student.

Obama’s mom allegedly did Lesbian porn. She was also a CIA asset and his father is a question because Obama senior was already married in Africa when he met Obama’s mom in Hawaii in a Russian language class. And, further, because Obama resembles Frank Marshall Davis, the communist pornographer whom Obama called an uncle and used to spend his summers with in Hawaii. In fact, it can be said that Obama’s mother took him away from a good Muslim man and put him in the arms of a communist pornographer, so that is why his true philosophy is a pseudo-communistic version of Islam, but with a pent-up hatred of the Western Civilization and its founding Judeo-Christian ethic.

At any rate, it’s time to choose whom ye shall serve. Ye may serve the devil or ye may serve the Lord but you gotta serve somebody. Bob Dylan said it best and this fall, Fox will begin to air a show called Lucifer. In my opinion, it’s time that everybody gets it clear that there has been a Lucifer Rebellion and that after 500,000 years, Lucifer is getting his chance to convince us to join him just before his sentence is carried out and he is finally annihilated by decree of the Ancient of Days. Most people don’t understand that there are seven super universes and that this one tiny universe is one created by Jesus Christ in his full consciousness. So that is why Christ is Lord but God is Lord of Lords. So “there is no God but Allah” and “Jesus Christ is Lord” are not contradictory statements. We are on a planet that rebelled so we are in a quarantine, but Jesus did come as the son of God in this universe and we can choose to serve Him and to serve God with Him as Muhammad did and as Moses and Jacob and Abraham did.

Buddha, Brahma and Yahweh are all concepts that have grown to encompass the scope and span of the Universal Father, so Buddhism is just as useful a vehicle as Judaism or Hinduism for reaching God. Let’s just not fight about it any longer. That way we can peacefully examine Obama and understand that it is our chance to choose to serve God and truth and righteousness and, above all, peace.

I fear that a calamity will come upon those who have not found the peace of God, so that is my prayer. Love Obama, for he will need love; and, love any and all of those humans who have become unknowing tyrants by their fanatical devotion to a doctrine that is not loving. Ultimately, all we need is love.

Don’t forget that you can guide folks to the truth of Planet X and the eventual judgment of the Lucifer Rebellion (which, in my view, will occur alongside a pole shift and an economic collapse). Fear porn is not needed, however, as we are unable to think as long as adrenaline is rushing through our veins and survival is on the tips of our tongues.

I do believe that Planet X’s system is the closest it has been in thousands of years, but I also must confess that aside from exposing the cover-up, I cannot tell you what you need to do. I am still going to work and I have yet to collect a survival bank of seeds or ammunition or what-not. I just feel like preparing my heart and my mind for the realization that it is all about the evolution of our spiritual understanding, rather than just creature-based survival. That is why we don’t need to be afraid. Our soul survives, but it also accrues to itself all of our thoughts and actions, so we must embrace life as we embrace our loved ones.

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