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Bart Sibrel’s moon landing and flat Earth interview

From video description:

When I started my quest into the moon landing lie in about 1989, I saw MANY times how those opposed to the moon landing fraud being exposed would put those who saw the truth of this NASA deception into the very same category with those who believed the Earth was flat, basically saying that people who knew the moon landings were false were just as “crazy” as those who believed the Earth was flat.

Fist of all, I have personally flown all over the world, east and west, with a window seat. The world IS round. I have looked out the window several times at the northern arctic region, over both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, which airlines fly over to save travel distance across the oceans because the spherical shape of the Earth makes this region narrower, therefore shorter distance. If the Earth were flat, this would cost MORE fuel, not less, which the airlines would NEVER do. Additionally, just as a soap bubble always forms a sphere in the air, as does an air bubble always form a sphere under water, outer space works the EXACT SAME WAY. “Empty” space is actually filled with a form of matter that has yet to be defined, which is very similar to trying to explain water to a fish. “What water?” the fish would ask, “I don’t see any.”

“Empty” space is like water without anything in it. It is still a form of matter itself, just as water is and air is. Even though outer space might appear to be empty, it is really filled with a yet identified matter, this is why Einstein referred to space as being “curved”. How could something which not not exist curve? Therefore, “empty” space is actually matter. You could also call this matter “Gravity,” which is not a magnet, rather a curve in the “water” of outer space, pushing back in on the objects it surrounds, just as water does. This means that a parachutist is not pulled down by the Earth, rather they are pushed down by the curved mass of outer space which is above them.

The matter of outer space pushes in equally all around the objects it surrounds, such as planets and stars, just as water pressure under the sea pushes in equally around an air bubble under the water, which subsequently forms a spherical bubble because of the uniform pressure around it. In the same way, air pressure, which also used to be considered nonexistent, forms a uniformly spherical soap bubble in the air because of the equal pressure around it.

Just as water in a bathtub expands, as shown by the rising of the water level as you submerge yourself into it, because the water is expanding or pushing out to make room for you, the “water” of outer space expands uniformly outwards to make room for the planets and stars that are developing in it. Space also then pushes in uniformly and equally on all sides of developing planets and stars, thus forcing them, mathematically, to become spherical, just as a soap bubble in the air, or an air bubble in the water, ALWAYS forms a sphere. This is why ALL the stars and ALL the planets, INCLUDING Earth, are SPHERES.

Think about this . . .

A person arrives at a party and says, “Let me tell you why the moon landings are false” (an event that would destroy the government if the truth came out), yet a moment later they say, “Oh yeah, and by the way, the Earth is flat.”

What would the other people at the party think of what the person just said about the moon landings being false? (Even though the moon missions were indeed false!) They would say, “I almost believed them about the moon landings . . . . until they said that the Earth was flat!”

Do you see how this works to the advantage of those who still want to keep the moon landing truth a secret? Are we such “conspiracy theorists” that we now believe ANYTHING? The NSA and the CIA must be very proud.

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