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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report (Volume 53)

By Guest Writer Terral “Terral 03” Croft
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Seismic, volcanic and magnetic North Pole migration indicators all say that Earth is a little more than a month into the predicted earth change lull period running from our backside-alignment quake event to the first week of February 2016 marking the time our planet reaches that magical outside-orbit position making the right triangle (90 degree position) relative to the Sun and inbound Black Star.

Start Date End Date   # 8+ # 7 # 6 # 5 # 2.5 – 4 Total This Week Week Total This Time Last Year
11/30/2014 12/6/2014 48 0 0 3 26 227 256 240
12/20/15 12/26/15 48 L   0 0 3 20 214 237 258


Year-over-year weekly seismic values for 2014/2015 Week 48 are almost identical with six fewer of the 5-magnitude earthquake events and thirteen fewer of the key 2.5 to 4-magnitude indicator earthquake events expected to continue the downward trend to the first week of February 2016 to begin the next earth change uptick period projected to run through May 2016. A look at the 2014 Chart for Week 49 shows a significant bounce in the 5-magnitude earthquake events from 26 up to 43, but that weekly value is expected to be around 18-20 at outside-orbit position with values bouncing up and down; as our planet finds ways to maintain the appearance of equilibrium. Remember that Earth is moving ‘away’ from the inbound Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun through this period and that accurately identifying the particular week that we see minimum quake values is vital to pinpointing Black Star location in the Libra Constellation. For example: Seeing minimum values earlier than expected means the Black Star has reduced leftward movement in the orbit diagram, while minimum values coming two weeks later means the Black Star has increased velocity and is farther ‘left’ in the orbit diagram than projected. Let us look at the bottom of the 2015 Chart and make comparisons in order to determine what should be coming next:

A comparison between the 2014 and 2015 weekly seismic activity says that Earth should see between one and three of the 6-magnitude earthquake events through this period with no 7’s or 8-mag quake events. Any deviation from that pattern will see a red value indicating that my modeling is breaking down and that there is more to understand about the Earth tectonic/volcanic dynamic and specifically what is going on with the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire expected to see a flurry of activity once the coming earth change uptick period begins in February 2016. We expected to see a bounce in the 2.5 to 4-mag indicator quakes, because last week’s value was below the 210 to 220 weekly averages. We should see this weekly value drop to sub-200 for just one or two weeks centered on the first to second week of February 2016. The bottom line is that the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection will continue to lengthen for our planet to receive ‘reduced’ solar redirected electromagnetism amounts being translated into heat energy via Earth metals/salts and the induction process, until we make that magical turn at the 90-degree mark to begin movement ‘towards’ the Black Star now positioned on the right side of the Libra Constellation relative to the Sun.

Earth saw seven new volcanic eruptions this week on the high end of the scale (5-10) following the precise pattern from last year through the final earth change lull period of the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle. Our planet gets raddled from passing behind the Sun relative to the Black Star where we see a dramatic seismic uptick and Earth core heating up from nearing Black Star proximity, which causes higher-than-average new weekly volcanism events globally from magma upwelling, as the rising magma expands seeking a pressure-relief mechanism in regional volcanoes. The most-significant earthquake event for this week took place very near Seattle, Washington (link) at 50+ kilometers deep and very near the Cascadia Subduction Zone where I expect to see the ‘linchpin quake event’ that will change everything for the US/Canada West Coast. This earthquake activity is connected to the proliferating California Quake Swarm Area that is shifting north and east to include the bulging Yellowstone Magma Chamber/Reservoir and adjacent calderas keeping Mary Greeley busy making many update reports on magma intrusion and microquakes.

All of this activity is connected to the tectonic cascade taking place since the Solomon Island Quake Events focused on February 6, 2013 and the time that Oklahoma began experiencing a severe earthquake uptick (see Chart), because of being located at a key point on the North American Crayton where pressures are escalating. The deepening of the larger earthquake events around the northern and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire reveals a disturbing pattern of what I consider to be ‘precursor’ earthquake events pointing to a Catastrophic Tectonic/Volcanic Scenario playing out for the US/Canada West Coast moving forward through coming earth change uptick periods. The coming Cascadia Linchpin Quake Event may only be a 5-magnitude event that we can only identify by position, depth and large quake events that follow using hindsight, so keep your eyes focused on this region for signs of what is coming next.

Find “2015 Dec 30” above to realize the magnetic North Pole is migrating precisely as expected following the same two-week lull from the previous orbit cycle that we see in the 2014/2015 Seismic Chart. The magnetic North Pole is trailing last year’s location due to Black Star movement ‘left’ in the orbit diagram forcing our planet to come ‘farther’ in natural orbit around the Sun to see the same results. Note the big downward dip that we should see moving through outside-orbit position, just above the ‘2015 Feb 5’ location marking the beginning of the coming earth change uptick period. My Project Black Star Investigation is the only Planet X/Nibiru-type research project to my knowledge that has identified the connection between the seismic patterns and the way our magnetic North Pole is migrating using a series of loops towards Siberia.

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