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Nietzsche’s ‘Anti-Christ’ Versus Hegel’s ‘Spirit’

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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This holiday season I have had the opportunity to listen on to Nietzsche’s Anti-Christ as well as an introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of History. Both philosophical works seem to have a lot to bear on our current social / political climate. Nietzsche’s assertion that Christianity is born of sickness and weakness and is a life-debasing philosophy would need to be redirected to a global warming / environmentalist religion that is certainly life-debasing in that carbon and carbon dioxide are now as dangerous as lust and fornication were to early-modern Christianity.

Sadly, what Nietzsche personally regarded with delight was the idea of an aristocratic right to rule with a Hindu caste system in place to keep a sizable lower class content to work and to eat and to sleep, but not to have a say.

Nietzsche didn’t seem to like that the powerful men had to acknowledge the sinfulness within their own will-to-power or maniacal will. It seems reasonable that Nietzsche didn’t fully recognize the power of being the good shepherd. Unfortunately, Spiderman’s best quote, “with great power comes great responsibility,” was several centuries from its august appearance on the big screen in Germany.

The German people remained Christian throughout WWII, but certainly Nietzsche’s Uber mensch, Over Man, or Super Man helped create a fertile soil for the seeds of Nazism to grow among the Elite. The idea of the uber mensch being beyond the scope of traditionally defined roles of good and evil, but completely contained within the idea of the will-to-power, was perfect for Hitler. Killing the weak Jews who had first created the notion of sinfulness and that weakness and piety and pity were the way to success because “he who would rule must first be servant to all” was probably a disgusting notion to Nietzsche as well. He liked the idea that aristocracy makes laws, not democracy. I just don’t think he wanted to help others, even though he traveled Europe looking for medical doctors to help him. Seems like he should’ve been calling out to Jesus.

Whether we are discussing Hitler or Nietzsche or current events, fascism and elitism and the idea that a small aristocracy should run the world are three tumors of which the world body just cannot seem to cut out or irradiate out of our skin. It frankly seems that beneath the world religions and political bodies, elitism and fascism have used corporations and banking interests to bore holes into nation-states through which they could embezzle and import and eventually suck out all of the resources and capital the nation possessed, along with the strength and spirit of its people to have Christmas spirit and a will-to-live joyfully.

An example of this is Venezuela, where people could not celebrate Christmas due to poverty related to a socialist government relying upon an oil-based currency and a crony-capitalistic economy. Look in the mirror, America. Your chickens are coming home to roost. Nixon took us off the gold standard and linked our dollar’s value to the petro-dollar, or the price of oil according to OPEC (mainly Saudi Arabia’s will).

Meanwhile, the Christian spirit of joy is under attack throughout the world by sickos who think Christmas trees and Jesus are offensive, despite the fact that evergreens have been universally loved and utilized and that Jesus is mentioned as being born of the Virgin Mary in the Qur’an, so celebrating His birth should not offend any Muslim. Atheists need to embrace the fact that cultures currently existing would not exist without religion as a cultural binding agent within the societal melting pot. They can look the other way or discuss freely their own views, but they cannot stop the free expression of religion or commerce, yet an association of atheists and misguided Muslims and so-called liberals are doing just that—Nietzsche’s Anti-Christ remixed.

Moreover, I want to draw attention to the fact that Nietzsche went insane railing against the weakness and sickness of Christianity while he became sicker and weaker without ever realizing the irony. As a nation and as a world, we are becoming sicker and weaker as Christianity is slowly being destroyed. Please notice that I am not advocating one religion in place of another. Buddhism also became a world-saving as well as personal-will renouncing philosophy during the past 2,000 years; it just doesn’t carry with it the personal magnetism and the sense of rebirth and jubilation that salvation brings to the masses.

And I believe Jesus personally spoke of Muhammad coming after Him by saying that the comforter coming after Him would be able to speak of only what he heard, and Muhammad was illiterate. Gabriel is a common archangel as is Michael in the religions. There really is no reason that religions should be warring over common ancestry connecting Abraham to Jesus to Muhammad, but the masses are being divided into a belief that there are different gods as in the Old Testament.

I believe that fallen, extraterrestrial forces have been involved in creating a large deception linking carbon dioxide and carbon-based life to dangerous climactic events, which in actuality have nothing to do with increasing carbon dioxide, while carbon-based taxes and a reduction of energy production loom. War on a global scale seems another strong possibility and economic war has been going on between Russia, China and the NATO coalition for some time, with Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollar being used as a football and the end-zone is the one world global government using United Nations sovereignty to pass sweeping climate change reforms.

Moreover, the children born of ignorance and want like in A Christmas Carol are attacking malls and all places that seem to offer a pathway to happiness born of consumerist bliss. The whole idea of consumerism is under attack and that I am okay with. It is just that ignorance and want is what is driving the evil or the Nothing if you want to reference the Neverending Story. However you want to see it, oxygen and carbon dioxide are life-sustaining gases that we and this biotic sphere rely upon to support carbon-based life. Now, perhaps if silicon-based life-forms were slowly trying to take over the planet, they would need to slowly add elements into the atmosphere to lower oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. I suppose that they would begin to tamper with our biochemistry so that we would reproduce less. Then, they could introduce rhetoric into society dividing men from women and then the family unit as a whole could be fractured so that humans could be more easily programmed into being life-debasing by not valuing their own life or the gases that create it.

Hegel said that Reason runs the world. Somehow, the fall of man or the Lucifer Rebellion is a good thing because we have experienced a unique separation and reconciliation story, or a death and rebirth story, that nobody else in the galaxy can tell. We will get to be shepherds all over the galaxy once this planet is all back to God, but that means the judgment of the Lucifer Rebellion (i.e., the fallen angels) must come and I suppose that means a cataclysmic pole shift / Great Day of the Lord.

Somehow, all of the Planet X / Second Sun / Nibiru / Wormwood information as well as the UFOs are supposed to be awakening our Reason to understand that the time is drawing nigh. Like TOOL says: “And you will come to find that we are all one mind—imagine it all conceivable.:

Greys have been trying to interbreed with us so that a hybrid species can take over Earth. The Matrix gave us an image of what it looks like with humans being used as food, but we are happy because we are in a virtual reality utopia. Well, this is the plan of environmentalism—to put us in little studio apartments, but give us Google Glass or some other holographic wi-fi image-creating device and just let us hang out. The Greys can milk us or breed us like cattle and we will have our precious pearl of technology, just without the carbon dioxide and oxygen.

I think Hegel is right in that Nous or One Mind runs the world and that a judgment and a pole shift will take place before the Greys can complete their agenda. Yes, I understand that Reptilians run the world in the other conspiracy theory, but the Reptilians also understand that their time is short. I think most of the Elite understand something big is coming. And in the words of Donald Trump, “It’s gonna be huge.”

Lastly, it seems perfect that we have this successful, life-affirming protestant, Donald Trump, going up against the corrupt Vatican and the life-debasing forces of the Illuminati and their puppet families: the Bushes and the Clintons.

As Hegel states, matter is linked to gravity and spirit to freedom. In fact, “The essence of matter is gravity” while “the essence of spirit is freedom.”

Learning how to deal with both freedom and gravity (or karma) is our mission in the physical body. As Planet X becomes more real, I hope the reality of our spiritual destiny (both on an individual level and as a human race) becomes more clear to us so we can transcend separation and reunite as a human race using the One Mind that works to harmoniously interweave the lives of billions of reincarnating souls.

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