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The lesson of Capricorn and Christmas: Christ consciousness is a gift

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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Every year more information comes out that December 25th is more primarily associated with pagan Solstice worship, Sol Invictus and Yuletide than it is with the actual birthday of the savior, Jesus Christ. Because December 21st constitutes the shortest day of the year (at least in the Northern hemisphere), it is associated with the death of the all-powerful sun king.   Nevertheless, December 21st also points us to the celestial sovereignty of the sign of Capricorn, the goat or the sea goat. Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn, interestingly enough, is the inspiration for the modern country of Italy, once called Saturnia, as well as the modern season of Christmas, once called Saturnalia.

Of course, both Capricorn and Saturn get a bad rap (for the most part) from the astrology community. As Jupiter is known as the Greater Beneficent, Saturn is known as the Great Maleficent. A more appropriate, and less Satanic, notion places Saturn in the role of Kronos (the time keeper) and the keeper of our souls’ karmic debts. Either way, it is indeed quite significant that Saturn makes its orbit in relationship to our astrological birth chart in periods of approximately 28 years (accounting for its retrograde phases makes it approximately 28). 28 is also the number of the lunar cycle in days and its relationship to hormonal and menstrual cycles is well known. 28 years is a deeper and longer cycle allowing a soul to express its purpose for incarnation using the free will it was destined to have.

Above all, we must build our houses on the rock of foundational beliefs grounded in absolute certainty and tangibility. Unfortunately, spirituality defies tangibility and forces us to reconstitute our consciousness in relation—not to a physical object such as our body—but to the spiritual source of light that we feel to be the First Source and Center—God, for lack of a better word. Now, this is the process that Saturn pushes you toward by grinding your materialistic notions of ownership down just as your childlike beliefs come crashing down during adolescence to be rebuilt into the structure of adulthood.

Sometimes, we can agonize over the loss of a feeling of home-ness in our physical homes as we leave the comfortable nest of childhood. This can lead to addiction and to paths back to the spiritual life, such as yoga and even astrology, to a degree. There is no easy way to point back to the principle that we must lose ourselves in submission to the unseen Deity.

But this is the lesson of Capricorn and Christmas. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, most of us (yes even the best of us) are holding onto our bodies and our wealth and our homes out of a basic desire for security and the feeling of comfort that comes from acquiring beautiful objects to array ourselves with so that we radiate the appearance of the beautiful and the enduring Christmas tree. So, in the last analysis, our wealth and our celebration of consumerism is both a problem and a solution. If we truly start becoming our own Ebeneezers-turned-John-the-Baptists and begin to baptize others and give it all away, like Jesus told the rich man who asked Him what he had to do to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, we will undoubtedly begin the process of repolarizing our consciousness to the magnetizing pull of the center of the galaxy or the Kingdom of Heaven. This will cause us to change our attitude from Madonna’s “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl” to the Police’s “We are spirits in the material world.” Somehow, using the words of Sting and the actions of Ebenezer, we can find our way back to true value.

Capricorn’s main goal is true value. Now, that value can be a computational or an abstract one and Capricorn has no quarrel. Indeed, Capricorn is well prepared for the digital era much more than Pisces is or even Aquarius. Aquarius lacks the patience of Capricorn and Pisces lacks the raw practicality that truly keeps everything on its level instead of putting all together in a pastiche of raw experience and then getting an emotional color from the phenomenological quality of being in a position of either relative strength or weakness to the stream of unconscious sensation.

Now, humans can—using our breathing and our intentionality—focus our consciousness like a one-pointed diamond mind. We can align our ears and our shoulders and feel our hearts open with the union of mind and body, breath and intention, feeling and reason. We can truly feel ourselves to be in league with the light and breath and the oneness of dark energy and dark matter that shapes the universe.

Indeed, the hope of Christ consciousness is to understand like Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas, “The Kingdom is within you and without you.” Or, as Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke in response to a question of where is the Kingdom of God, “The Kingdom of God is in your midst.”

Capricorn can appreciate bio-plasma (pdf). It can understand nanotechnology. It gets how digitization can be both beneficial and dangerous as digital currency transfer becomes standard.

Capricorn also won’t forget that popular, mainstream science once considered ether as a fourth state of matter, so now dark matter and dark energy just amount to a modern reinterpretation of ether, and certainly the mathematics doesn’t seem to add up for all of the energy or the matter of the universe without dark matter and dark energy.

Everything has a reflection in this dualistic, freewill universe. And everything vibrates eternally in the ether or whatever you want to call it—Akasha or dark energy. Either way, souls go through a life review based on the effects of our actions in the real world and their effect on others becomes their effect on us. We feel what we have done to others’ emotional bodies (perhaps for the first time) after we die. This is why we must follow the golden rule and not let the current religious climate cause our sturdy feet to stumble off the path to paradise. We must keep in mind that Jesus Christ was a modern reinterpretation of the priest-king, Melchizedek of Salem. Melchizedek blessed Abraham with bread and wine just as Jesus did, and Abraham blessed Melchizedek with a tithe of 10%, which set the standard for giving to the church that Christians use to this day. Abraham is the standard-bearer of the faith for all three monotheistic religions, so people can find no argument with you if you simply state that you are following the religion of Abraham, the upright, and he was not among the idolaters. That is basically a quotation from the Holy Qu’ran.

At the end of the day, the Lucifer rebellion led to the Earth being quarantined (so to speak) to contain the rebellion. During that time, humanity went astray from the path and fell into a love of self and the service-to-self attitude that Lucifer espoused. Evidently, service-to-self versus service-to-others has become the most common-sense terminology of distinguishing categorically between the two paths available to mankind during its history. In the past 2,000 years, we have chosen to try to recreate God’s Kingdom using the teachings of the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Muhammad or science. It is time to try the best of these synergistically without sacrificing meditation, service, surrender or science as we pursue justice together. Give of yourselves so others can experience the present as a present.

I hope you experience a rebirth of your consciousness as you reimagine your effect on others, just like Ebenezer! I hope you remember … It’s a Wonderful Life!

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