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Hoaxters are the turd in the Planet X punch bowl of truth

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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Well, it seems we’ve had another meteor; this one jetted over Sweden:

Is this the effect of Planet X entering our solar system? Although I have seen many videos of people claiming they have captured Planet X and it appears to be on our doorstep, I have to really think about just how genuine they are. In my opinion, if Planet X is as close as some claim, then I would imagine there would be way more devastation, such as massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. I think that Planet X is out there but not as close as some think, but I have been wrong before and if anyone can prove me wrong, I am okay with that.

Those who do post fake pictures of Planet X are not doing justice to those who research this subject honestly. It diminishes their credibility and that is why the mainstream media scoffs at us for believing in its pending arrival. I had one comment from someone who will remain anonymous who said, “Oh, yes, Planet X will be here in 2016 and if it does not arrive, then we will say 2017 or even 2018.” The fact of the matter is we amateurs have no idea when it will arrive, but the positive out of all of this is the longer it takes the more time we get to prepare and also inform those who have never heard of Planet X.

Having said all that, I received these videos from Terry “The Freak” in Great Britain and I absolutely trust this guy and the work he does. What he has captured looks like a giant golf ball, as there are craters all over this object. You be the judge and let me know what you think, but before you say it is rain drops, he verified this from another skycam with the same result and in the second clip the sun actually illuminates it.

Here is a radio broadcast (mp3) from Clyde Lewis. I strongly recommend you listen to the entire show. It is mentioned in the radio show about the Pepsi production of the Black Knight, so here is the video below for you to view.

Below is a video sent to me from LazyToad. I found it quite interesting and possibly a legitimate recording, in my opinion, but you can decide for yourself.

Australia report from Michelle

Sydney got hit yesterday with a tornado. Highest winds ever recorded. In one hour 141 mL of rain fell and fist-size hail. Houses were demolished and cars were smashed.

Adelaide is facing a major heatwave today. The temperature was up to 40 degrees C.

Canada report

We are still experiencing above normal temperatures in Ontario, Canada and it is supposed to get up to 13 degrees C after a few days of colder weather. Even the golf courses were open on December 6th, which is unheard of. Now tell me strange things are not happening with our weather.

Eight Days of Darkness

Well, just as I thought, the eight days of darkness did not happen. The sun came up this morning. I wonder about those individuals who posted that crap and if they can explain why it did not happen. Once again, I am getting very tired of these outlandish predictions that don’t come true; it just takes away the credibility of those who do post genuine articles. So unless you are 100% sure of your prediction, please keep it to yourself; we don’t want to read crap. Thank you.

The two astronomers, one from Sweden and the other from Mexico, from the Chile observatory discovered potentially two brown dwarf planets in the outer reaches of our solar system that could be Planet X; they are waiting for a peer review. I wonder if their claim will be dismissed or will they meet with an untimely death, like other astronomers in the past.

It is strange that NASA, with all their technology and high-tech equipment, once again dropped the ball with this discovery. The other alternative with regard to NASA could be the fact they knew about these two planets all along but for obvious reasons decided to keep it quiet with the hope that no one would find them.

I am having a hard time trying to figure out just where Planet X is at this moment in time. Some say it is on our doorstep and the photographs and videos seem to verify this but when you look at the effects we are supposed to suffer from this destroyer planet, we are only experiencing minor effects. I am sure there are many of you out there struggling and frustrated with this, too. I know when I heard of Planet X almost five years ago I sort of panicked, expecting it to arrive shortly, but the clock kept ticking and nothing was happening.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Just get ready.

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