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Planet X / Nibiru moon now visible from North Pole? Amazing UFO video, too

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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To the new forum members: I wanted to let you know that the welcome you get from me is not a computer-generated response; it is actually me early in the morning going through the members list and I actually type each and every welcome myself. I do this because we do appreciate you becoming a member and we try to maintain a personal touch. I just want to encourage those new members to join in on discussions, as we do get some great questions from our members and I read every one of them and try to reply in a timely fashion.

The video below is footage from a jet liner above the clouds, so I would imagine it is up about 35,000 feet or so; the video that was taken of a UFO is unbelievable. My only concern is I can hear voices in the background but nobody seems to be excited. I know if I saw that all the passengers in the plane would know about it. If it is fake, they did a good job, so you be the judge, let me know what you think.

According to this article, Planet X is only a million miles away. Well, that is damn close and they also predict that in March 2016 the sun will be blocked out. I have read many articles that predict some sort of catastrophe but they never seem to materialize, then our families start having a go at us with snide comments. Yes, I get them, too. I am not holding my breath but I think if we do see Planet X at the end of this month then this prediction may well be valid.

This next video below was sent to courtesy of LazyToad. You can decide for yourself if you think it is real. I am getting comments about me posting fake pictures or videos of Planet X but everyone has to understand that I am no expert and I take things at face value and have to believe that what people send me could well be legitimate and hopefully it is not lens flare or a sun dog.

The video below shows either Planet X or one of its moons at the North Pole. If this is legitimate, holy cow! You all can decide but if it is a fake, it is well done.

Update on Australia, thanks to Michelle:

So, crazy weather continues in Australia. Freezing on one side of the country while fires and heatwaves are on the other side. Breaking all previous records.

Afternoon photographs of the skies. What a difference those chemtrails make after a few hours’ work. See what can happen when your governments apply themselves.

In the first photo you can see the sun shining through the trees and then Planet X at about the 1:00 position.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies.

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