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Is that a Ferrari UFO or just a cheap VW model?

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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More good footage of UFOs taken from a jetliner. The video below seems quite genuine as you can see the white orbs or UFOs, if you will, disappear into the clouds, so it is not the camera or something on the window of the plane and there were quite a few of these crafts.

I always wonder why they are here flying around because if they are anything like us we don’t just fly around without a purpose. This question has always baffled me and I would really like to know what their intent is.

I thought about an invasion but they have been flying around for decades with no real instances to show what they intend. It is rare you get up-close footage or videos — well, at least genuine ones — and I know if I had the opportunity to get close to one, I would jump at the chance.

Maybe they visit planets on a regular basis like we would travel to different cities just for a vacation or business. They could be like our good biker groups going on a journey from state to state but they just go from galaxy to galaxy.

I wonder if they have the VW-type UFOs and the rich aliens have the Ferrari-type UFOs that are faster and better-looking; you may chuckle at that but you never know. It could be that is why the older versions crash because they are in bad need of repair and just plain wore out. You have to remember that these things are manufactured and if you manufacture something someone has to design it and someone has to build it.

I wonder if they have assembly lines like we do manufacturing our cars. I could just imagine two young aliens out for a trip around the universe and stumble upon Earth and look at all the cars driving around the planet, and them both laughing at our technology, thinking how backwards we are. Or they check out our military planes that use liquid fuel and can only travel maybe at Mach 2 or whatever and laughing because we can’t make right-angle turners at full speed. Just imagine the aliens going to purchase a new spacecraft in a showroom and haggling the price with the UFO sales alien.

I could just imagine these aliens sitting around the dinner table, telling of their adventures after visiting our planet and having a great laugh as to how we exist. I wonder if they bring back trophies of their adventures here. Hopefully, not one of us stuffed and hanging on the wall like we would with a deer.

I am sure they must have a military just like us, so that would mean they would have generals or whatever they would call them giving out orders to their troops. I am not so sure that they are so different, just a hell of a lot smarter than we think we are.

I mean, could you imagine if they have winters like we do and an alien getting up in the morning starting a snowblower and wearing woolly clothing so they don’t get frostbite?

When we hear about being visited by a UFO, I bet you never gave what I have just written much thought. Who knows, they may have UFOs that have passengers just like our planet where we pick a destination in the sunshine during winter and fly with a commercial airline. Maybe they have a cruise ship and we happen to be one of the destinations in their brochure. You can let your imagination run wild with this subject, but it makes you think about how they live on their world. Well, hope you got a good laugh from this piece.

The one thing I am concerned about aliens is if they have a conscience because, if they don’t, we could be in trouble.

Non-alien news

Australia is still getting pounded by high winds, trees falling and lots of storms.

Report from Michelle in Australia:

We are burning. We are being fried via heatwaves. Now we have destructive winds of 100 KPH. Melbourne was suffering under heatwave, then came the winds dropping temps over 20 degrees with wind arrival overnight. Trees downed. Houses destroyed. Major crop destruction from fires. You can see on the news they are stubbornly still blaming the public for climate change.

The aforementioned article talks about the catastrophic effects if Earth’s temperature increases by just two degrees Celsius. The oceans will rise and flood many parts of the world. They talk about fossil fuel used to generate electricity and how we should stop using this form of energy. They are correct but China is the worst offender for these greenhouse emissions and I am glad to say that Canada has eliminated fossil fuel power plants. I do believe that one main reason why there has been no rapid change is largely due to greed and we have the smarts and can develop other ways to produce energy. I believe that we already have free energy but the powers that be don’t want to share this technology simply because of greed; the almighty dollar seems to be more important to them.

To be perfectly honest, it could be the fact that these nations know that Planet X is coming soon, so why bother making changes as the power plants will be shut down anyway and I can almost guarantee you that the powers that be will have all the free power they need while in their underground bunkers and could not give a rat’s ass about us common folk or “bottom feeders,” as that is how they refer to us. Well, they have to remember that without us bottom feeders they would not be where they are right now.

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies.

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