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On Sagittarius and the subconscious

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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Sagittarius is the season of the Zodiac we are operating under, as our philosophical underpinnings open up to our consciousness and we can see clear to the bottom of our subconscious.

Sagittarius is depicted as a half-man, half-horse centaur, with four hooved feet, but his arms are bending his bow and bringing his back and his arrow upward. His gaze is toward the stars, showing that man is trying to rise up out of his unconscious, animalistic awareness.

It is fear that puts us back to sleep in the pleasant slumber of earth-born, animal consciousness. There we drink the belief that we are going to sleep our way through life made of material nature and then die and sleep again amongst material nature. This is the dream we have fallen into, as it is the dream of our subconscious that does not remember that we are a soul descended in a body by free will.

Sagittarius is a fire sign that can become an unquenchable fire of indignation and wrath if we are not careful with its heat. We must realize that in the bigger picture, even our enemies are our allies in awakening us to the proposition that we must deal with strife here in order to develop desire to live elsewhere.

We are souls in physical bodies that must return to the proposition that we are stars encased in bodies because we are not yet capable of handling either our light or our heat. It is selflessness that Sagittarius is searching for with unceasing vigilance. It is a service-to-others mentality that must be adopted in order to survive the heat because the heat is a preparation for the post-life review (documented in many near-death experiences), during which we learn, phenomenologically, the pain that our actions have caused, as well as the bliss that our actions have caused, which inspires us to seek to do good in the next life.

Sagittarius occurs after Scorpio. Thus, it can be related to afterlife lessons learned in the otherworldly, heavenly realm, as Scorpio rules over Death, Transformation and Rebirth.

Just look at the example of Dr. Eben Alexander, who spent seven days in a coma and lived to tell an amazing story of a whirling vortex of spiritual harmony that picked him up; or take the tale of the bright, all-encompassing white light of Heaven. Either way, you will find yourself in a place where light and love seem to be the most significant items. Language is transcended because all conceptual knowledge can be transmitted through thought-bubbles and giving love is a better way to express love than speaking.

Or, take Colton’s experience of seeing a sister in Heaven is For Real.

To know that we are loved and cared for, and that this life is something we chose to participate in, is a priceless bit of knowledge that can help ease the suffering that existence on Earth brings in abundance. Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia demonstrated that children between the ages of two and seven have the ability to remember their past lives, as language is beginning, but the autobiographical consciousness has not yet fully constructed an autonomous identity.

The points is that many of us here are souls who came from somewhere else to explore consciousness and emotions here on Earth, and we have reincarnated for millennia trying to escape. We have fallen into abusive patterns that have continued in some form or another for lifetimes with us exchanging roles of relative victimizer and relative victim because both parties are truly victims in that they will have to come back to Earth and resolve the karmic bond created in their souls.

Jesus and the Buddha are both relevant here, as karmic bonds exist on the Earth like no other place in the galaxy. This is what makes everything so difficult. The people can no longer distinguish saviors from demons and thus they are left at the mercy of the media to help them distinguish in whom they can place their trust.

Perhaps you will trust me because my syntax is superior to my neighbors or because my method of delivering information is a bit quicker to the subconscious and thus digestible.

In the last analysis, you have two operating electromagnetic energy fields: one emanating from the center of your heart and the other emanating from the brain’s transcranial, electrical activity. The goal is for the brain to be operating always in a harmonious brainwave state relative to the heart, so you can feel the appropriate emotional awareness.

Thus, your compassion and alertness can both be on high levels. To be like Jesus and Bruce Lee at the same time is simultaneously giving love and a refutation of sin to evildoers. Sagittarius is one of a few signs that can deliver you to that complex, emotional state where you can act like a good Samaritan instead of seeking to acquire goods that do not offer nearly as much good as love.

Do not forget that the perversion of this energy, reined in by the planet Jupiter, according to astrologists, leads to a false feeling of superiority and arrogance. Moreover, it can plummet you into a state of unnatural fear (i.e., something even an animal would not feel because it is coming from a deep lack of relationship with the rest of the planet).

As we seek to gain power, we forget our previous state of fear as we relinquish it back to the subconscious like a gun being put back into its cabinet. We assume it goes to sleep and so do we, only to reawaken the holders of a new energy of anger and dissatisfaction, mostly because we didn’t ever realize what the fear was ever all about. The body’s animal instinct will eventually form a fight or flight matrix of duality and look to release its aggression and electrical imbalances onto a person or group. Freud talked about catharsis as a release or an emotional cleansing, which is why we are all seeking after music, poetry, dance, sexual expression, etc. It is our attempt to reaffirm who we are as children of God with confidence in our eternal existence as souls. This is true jihad that has been repressed through the indoctrination of religion and the anti-religion of atheism.

If you could just freely look at Buddhism without the indoctrinated eyes of a Westerner, you would see enlightenment offering itself as freely to you as if Jesus himself were holding the holy bread.

If you could just listen to the Quran without the indoctrinated ears of a Westerner, you would hear the voice of the devoted crying out to the Supreme Being of Devotion.

If you could just look with the third eye of your imagination on Planet X / Nibiru, Wormwood, you would see the object of your deliverance at hand and the promise of the return of Jesus would become much more real to you and you would rejoice with jubilation at the New Jerusalem. You would know that all is one.

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