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White privilege and the 13 Illuminati families

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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I am very ambivalent about the notion of white privilege. Being that my parents got divorced when I was one-and-a-half and we moved back and forth from Lafayette, Louisiana to Las Vegas to live in renalt houses and attend public schools growing up, I don’t know how my privileges being lower-middle class are directly connected to my ethnicity. Privileges such as cable television and Nintendo and clean clothes—thanks to decent water and reasonable sanitation—are more-or-less much considered first-world norms, though there’s no true normal. We can act as though one race is simply poorer than another, but 18.9 million white people are poor as of 2013, so it is not the case that every white person has a uniform privilege of being richer than every other person of different ethnicity.

Perhaps you can argue an inherent linguistic or academic advantage to growing up speaking English when our European roots are more comfortable speaking English, while African cultures had languages that were more consonant-vowel-consonant-oriented or used the back of the throat as opposed to the tongue pressed up to the front teeth. I can appreciate that English is a difficult language due to its consonant clusters and flattened vowels. I can also appreciate that European culture has been divested of its Renaissance virtues and what is left is socialistic and atheistic, so I am drawn to the insidious philosophy that turned the left-wing, humanitarian-leaning liberal mentality toward the notion of white privilege and away from the 1% versus the 99%.

Primarily, I believe that our society depends on the social contract that, if we as individuals buy into society’s rules regarding work and play, we are allowed reasonable comforts of clean water and reasonable sanitation services. The type of lifestyle and the size of residence we acquire depends on our own ability to acquire sufficient employment to financially justify our residence and modes of transportation. Capitalism suggests free enterprise. Communism suggests communal enterprise. These concepts only become dangerous to one another when the “free” gets taken away and suddenly it is forced communal enterprise.

From a different perspective, it has been the plan of the Elite since Machiavelli to keep the common people poor so they could never challenge the established ecclesiastical or governmental authority on a political level. This is why the Bible was read in Latin instead of in the vulgar, common tongue so that the people remained ignorant. It wasn’t enough that the people had worked the rest of the week, they had to spend their day off in a church where they could hear, but not understand.

The life of an African-American slave bore a similar theme of one day of rest. To be honest, the whole feudal system of agricultural commerce has been a common one that many human beings have suffered throughout history. Feudal lords commanded knights and knights required serfs’ and squires’ assistance. The best knights sometimes got breeding rights because strength is valued in the Old World and in the New World.

Of course, ignorance is valued, too, which is why the water is fluoridated and the air is treated. Since the Elite no longer control us as serfs, they keep us ignorant and sick so we are likely to buy medical treatment and collegiate education. We take on debt, work hard, but get sick.

Then, we are given copious amounts of narcotics and placed in front of propaganda machines for hours of the day to be programmed. This programming is occurring with neurolinguistics and brainwave technology to implant suggestions to our vulnerable, subconscious minds.

Who is doing this? The CIA? DARPA? The Illuminati? Air Force? George Soros? Bill Gates? Warren Buffett? Who should I be angry at or afraid of? Or is this just more conspiracy theory?

Well, the CIA does not deny the reality of Operation Paperclip, nor do they cover up the work done by Annie Jacobson to reveal the undeniable truth of the entanglement of Nazi scientists in the United States’ military industrial complex since 1945, as covert elements in the intelligence network installed mind-control paradigms of neurolinguistics into the U.S. military’s psychological schools. More than that, the CIA dispensed LSD to unwitting scientists.

In 1949, the CIA created the Office of Scientific Intelligence. Its first director, Dr. Willard Machle, traveled to Germany to set up a special program to interrogate Soviet spies. The CIA believed the Russians had developed mind-control programs and wanted to know how US spies would hold up against this capability if caught. He also aimed to explore the feasibility of creating a “Manchurian candidate” through behavioral modification. Thus, Operation Bluebird was born. Bluebird, later called MKULTRA, was a research activity experimenting in behavioral engineering of humans. The Nuremberg Code prohibits experimentation with humans without their consent. During this program, Dr. Frank Olson, a US Army biological weapons researcher, was given the drug LSD without his knowledge, leading to his death by leaping from a building. DCI Richard Helms ordered much of the documentation destroyed, and the circumstances of his demise remain controversial to this day. (source)

Additionally, allegations of CIA drug-trafficking run the gamut and run the globe from Venezuela to Indonesia throughout Indo-China. Of course, China was destroyed by opium and the United States has been severely crippled by narcotics and pharmaceutical drugs. Cocaine was flown into the U.S. through Mena, Arkansas during Clinton’s governorship and he got to have his cake and snort it, too. Then, once it got into inner city L.A. from Nicaragua, thanks to the dealing between the CIA and the radical communists, it started an epidemic and an ongoing criminal syndicate. Between heroin, amphetamines and OxyContin, America is in a terrible mess that only serves to help those who own pharmaceutical stock or stock in the private prisons or bulletproof vests for SWAT officers raiding homes.

So yeah, the War on Drugs is a giant scheme to completely manipulate the young people into becoming incarcerated for using drugs that are seen as taboo, while simultaneously keeping adults on alcohol and addictive pharmaceuticals because plants like cannabis sativa (marijuana) are Schedule 1 drugs.

So instead of turning to mushrooms and plants for a natural, psychedelic high, kids turn to synthesized opiates, antidepressants, amphetamines and painkillers, which keep them from breaking down the walls of their perceptions to see a unified source of their intelligence.

DARPA is building the artificial intelligence using Google. That is what Ex-Machina is trying to tell us. All of our questioning or research queries into Google are teaching the A.I. how to structure thought and how to syntactically arrange its thoughts into commands and questions. To be sure, the A.I. designers are developing an effective means of facial recognition, thanks to its endless cache of the average citizen’s Facebook, iPhone and Cloud data.

DARPA is also behind HAARP, which seeks to control brains and weather by tapping both with electromagnetic frequencies meant to drive us into programmed sequences of thought like robots.

Ultimately, researchers like Nick Begich can point us in the right direction when it comes to looking toward the HAARP and human consciousness connection.

Of course, for George Soros, having national borders is wrong for our consciousness and borderless collectives of people is preferable. Then we can all be microchipped with nano-tracking devices that can turn off our finances — or our heartbeats, perhaps. Bill Gates certainly is for nano-insects that can transmit sterilizing devices to humans so that the serfs don’t reproduce. People like Warren Buffett see us as robots, essentially, and now robots are positioned to work for the A.I. systems while Ray Kurzweil and his cronies plan to plug their consciousness into the matrix and live forever.

So, to keep you from researching all of that jazz, the Elite Babylonian network of secret societies, ruling bloodlines and financial rulers like the Rothschilds and George Soros fund Black Lives Matter and global warming hysteria. Nevermind that we are heading for global cooling, thanks to the sun weakening, and maybe even a mini ice age circa 2030, let’s make sure we have a global government set up by 2016 to use carbon shaming to control global industrial markets.

It’s not too late to go all-in and identify the evil. Authors like Fritz Springmeier have laid the foundation for the modern movement against the eElite. It really does go back to a league of conspirators who chose to set up the 13 bloodlines and their initiation into the secret knowledge during the time of Babylon under Nimrod’s reign. Of course, the sacrifice of children occurred throughout the Middle East and the Old World. Pagan cultures kept this practice of sacrificing blood to keep the sun rising as well as to satisfy the Elites’ blood lust.

In mockery and imitation of God’s 12 tribes, Satan blessed 12 bloodlines. One of these bloodlines was the Ishmaeli bloodline from which a special elite line developed alchemy, assassination techniques, and other occult practices. One bloodline was Egyptian/Celtic/Druidic from which Druidism was developed. One bloodline was in the orient and developed oriental magic. One lineage was from Canaan and the Canaanites. It had the name Astarte, then Astorga, then Ashdor, and then Astor. The tribe of Dan was used as a Judas Iscariot type seed. The royalty of the tribe of Dan have descended down through history as a powerful Satanic bloodline. The 13th or final blood line was copied after God’s royal lineage of Jesus. This was the Satanic House of David with their blood which they believe is not only from the House of David but also from the lineage of Jesus, whom they claim had a wife and children. The 13th Satanic bloodline was instilled with the direct seed of Satan so that they would not only carry Christ’s blood — but also the blood of his ‘brother’ Lucifer. (source)

In effect, these 13 bloodlines are the Antichrist, as they constitute the perfect inverted image of the 12 tribes of Abraham and the 12 apostles of Jesus. They masked themselves under the guise of corporations, financial institutions like the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the IMF, and indoctrinated others into their school, like the Bushes and Clintons. Like pharaohs and druids of old, modern rulers get their training through the Babylonian mystery school in places like Bohemian Grove, while the Vatican city-state is a front for Mystery Babylon with its version of Jesus Christ as the sun savior. Smashing into Christianity is radicalized Islam with its apathy for the suffering of the world and a full belief in a manifest destiny for a global caliphate. I assure you that none of this is accidental and if you have read this far, you need to understand that your mind is your greatest weapon and your speech will be considered your greatest threat to the Elite’s plan to put us into a global matrix of tyranny.

Remember that 7.83 hertz is the pulse of the planet and once you get your brain to vibrate properly, you can get better in sync with your own cerebral hemispheres and with the Earth itself so that other electromagnetic radiation and background noise will not be able to penetrate your consciousness.

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