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The second sun / Planet X / Nibiru and the third eye inside the pineal gland

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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We spend most of our time looking outside of ourselves with either the left eye or the right eye dominating or leading, while the other eye helps to define the sphere of influence, thus giving us depth perception. It can be called telescopic, binocular vision; but, you will indubitably find you cannot focus evenly with two eyes.

You’ll understand what I am saying if you try to focus on the little letters in the vision test box with both of your eyes: The image will get fuzzy; it will not come into focus. Thus, we are made to choose a dominant eye and, for most of us, a dominant hand to write and eat with as we make our way through our existence here on planet Earth.

The right eye and right hand are ruled by the left hemisphere, which is where our primary neuronal clusters of syntactic formation are located, as well as the speech command center. These neuronal complexes of speech are known as Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas, respectively.

Now, Julian Jaynes from Yale University, who coined the term bicameralism, wrote in his book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, that people used to have auditory hallucinations of the voice of a higher authority in their minds, which they attributed to the idols, or perhaps the idols served as venerable symbolic objects. Nevertheless, Jaynes suggests that people did indeed have spiritual visions and hear God’s voice periodically.

Of course, you may argue that these were merely hallucinations and that God’s voice, in this context, was nothing more than the productions of the right hemisphere feeding back its input to the autobiographical consciousness created and sustained by the speech-making neuronal complexes in the left hemisphere. I would accept that argument and Jaynes’ thesis is that left-brained dominance has removed our capacity to hear the sacred voice.

If nothing else I say is true, you must understand that people are looking for both answers and a sense of belonging in the midst of all of this existential suffering and angst. Thus, they come to the Internet hungry, as it were, for a sense of both contentment and electrical activation in their brains.

My argument is that both of these sensations are found by activating the pineal gland in the center of the forehead because it is a vestigial eye replete with rods and cones, and it can provide a light of spiritual understanding and eventual enlightenment.

The point of the matter is that we have two eyes both oriented outwardly and a retina which receives the impressions of the world, and then ships them via the optic nerve to the visual cortex, which reassembles the image and further ships it out to the language centers for us to be able to process the significance of the images we are seeing. We also ship the image around to the right hemisphere to determine if the image meets the requirement of an action potential, so that if it is a lion we are seeing, we are prepared to run or hide or perhaps charge the beast head on.

Nonetheless, we are creating our own reality internally, so it really is no matter if we are focused primarily on the external world or on the third eye inside the pineal gland.

Moreover, we gain conceptual clarity by removing ourselves from the stress of hemispheric dominance by relaxing ourselves in the middle. Thus, the Buddha taught the middle way of balance.

The Buddha’s followers understand the significance of the Buddha’s teaching by symbolically presenting the Buddha with a pine cone head of total consciousness.

In this context, it becomes clear why Hindu women put the red dot on the center of their foreheads to depict it.

Of course, the giant pine cone in front of the Vatican also becomes more discernible in the context of depicting the significance of the pineal gland, not to mention the little pine cone on the priest’s power staff.

In the last analysis, it should be clear to see that the significance of the pineal gland is ubiquitous.

From Tibetan Buddhist philosophers to Rene Descartes to Dr. Rick Strassman, men of understanding and wisdom have connected the third eye to the “seat of the soul” and the place where the soul both enters and (if you are doing it right) leaves the physical body.

Looking at the image on the far right of the reptilian/birdlike humanoid Anunnaki figure with pine cone suggests that the Sumerians knew both the significance of the pineal gland and the true image of Anunnaki. Of course, it is my understanding that is flawed. I don’t know if Thoth truly looked this way, or not, so I will just say that I am not yet equipped in knowing, only of stating that perhaps he did.

Notice the Reptilian vertical slit in the pupil of the eye; this is the big difference between Reptilian and human eyes. This is the distinguisher par excellence.

Ultimately, it is the reptilian brain or the R-Complex that we must transcend if we are to understand the significance of seeing a second sun in the sky. We cannot just go on with our existence, as if things are not changing rapidly right in front of our eyes, as we blindly sit.

So this second sun is approaching at rapid pace and it is time to alter our perceptions about the world we live in because Earth is going through changes. Political changes, geomagnetic changes, geophysical changes and biological changes are all occurring simultaneously as we play on our smartphones and wait for the football game to come on without truly witnessing the world breathlessly changing.

Here is the rub. Everyone in the conspiracy theory is drawn to dates about the possible impact of a comet thrown at Earth, as it were, by the effect of the powerful, electromagnetic pull of the second sun / Nibiru / Planet X. I think we need to consider that this is real and we really don’t know when the payoff will occur. I think we just need to understand that we are sitting at a proverbial poker table and we need to go all-in on the question of What’s this life for? I think that the meaning of life is to remember that we are spiritual beings having a physical existence so that we can appreciate that we can be freed from or thrust out of our physical existence. I think the choice is ours how we exit this life, but I would recommend preparing for the soul’s journey home.

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