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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report (Volume 45)

By Guest Writer Terral “Terral 03” Croft
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Week 40 of the Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the inbound Black Star sees lower than predicted weekly values for the 6-magnitude earthquake and new volcanic eruption events. The 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle saw regular and expected global earthquake activity for the five-week period with eleven of the 6-magnitude earthquake events running from Week 36 to Week 40, or just over two earthquake events each week on average. I went back to study the seismic patterns in the charts from November 2012 through present to realize the longest period Earth went without a 6-magnitude earthquake event was just two weeks. Last year Earth saw no weekly 6-mag quake events just six times and no two consecutive weeks where these larger-magnitude earthquake events were absent.

Now look above to realize that the first time Earth had a two-week period with no 6-magnitude earthquake events was for the period from August 16 through August 29, 2015, when Earth was at outside-orbit position making that right triangle in summer orbit relative to the Sun and Black Star. Now look at how the pattern has changed with a five-week period with Earth having zero (O) of the 6-magnitude earthquake events and even with the two big 7-mag quake events taking place over the recent two-week period. Go back up the chart to Weeks 40-41 from the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle and note those two 7-magnitude earthquake events in much the same way we see them this year for Weeks 39-40. Note also that this change in the Global Tectonic Dynamic has taken place following the big 8.3 Chile Quake from Week 34 where our planet had eighteen of the 6-mag quake events over a short two-week period.

Earth saw just three new volcanic eruption events this week up from just two last week with values that are much lower than expected. Our planet saw eight new volcanic eruption events last year for Week 37 and another eight for Week 38 with six events for Week 39 and five for Week 40, which is one reason I expected to see new weekly global volcanic eruption events to number between six and eight for this part of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle that simply has not taken place. My feeling is that these five zeros (0) in the seismic chart represent an Omen pointing to larger earth change events coming later down the road, as if the underground/subterranean tectonic/volcanic components are winding tightly like a spring that is making ready to activate to begin a domino/cascade series of events that ultimately changes everything for the US/Canada West Coast. Earth did finally see a 6-magnitude quake event in Indonesia (USGS info), which means we will see at least a single event in the 6-mag column for Week 41 that ends on Saturday November 7, 2015.

The Earth Orientation Center (Website link) is no longer providing Magnetic North Pole Mapping Data like in previous years. If anyone knows of a website that posts the mapping data like you see to the left, then please write me at the Gmail account for subscribers, or at with that information. Note that the Magnetic North Pole is migrating along the same circular loop as the 2014 Cycle, but trailing behind by the anticipated two to three-week period. I expect the Magnetic North Pole to make the downward turn from the very top of the chart on December 1, 2015 about the same time that we should see the Earth/Sun/Black Star backside-alignment quake event that follows the flurry of X-class solar flares that kick off about three days before that big Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire Quake Event. My view is that we are seeing the same two to three-week delay here that we also see in the Seismic Chart, because the Black Star is moving left in the orbit diagram and our planet takes a longer period to move in natural orbit around the Sun in order to reach outside-orbit position and Sun/Earth/Black Star alignment position.

Once again we are entering a period where big X-class Solar Flares are expected leading up to the coming Earth/Sun/Black Star backside-alignment (B on Chart) and the anticipated 7+ magnitude earthquake event along the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire. See what is coming from the White House (here). The math and science indicate that the coming backside-alignment quake event should take place six months and perhaps two weeks after the April 25, 2015 7.8 Nepal Quake Event from Week 13 of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle taking us to an event window spanning the first two weeks of November 2015. However, this anticipated event has taken place on October 25, 2013 (Japan Quake) and November 15, 2014 (Indonesia), or about two to three weeks ‘later’ than expected. Adding a two-week delay for this year brings us to a date somewhere around December 1, 2015, but we will know soon how things shake out for the current Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the inbound Black Star now moving through the Libra Constellation just below the ecliptic plane in the southern hemisphere of our solar system.

Watch the Sun’s eastern limb (left side) for the large X-class solar flares leading up to our backside-alignment quake event for activity to shift over to the western limb (right side) of the Sun following our big quake event. The reason for the delay in activity appears to be connected to how the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection is dragged across the Sun/Earth and Sun/Black Star magnetic portal connections, until they converge and cross to even become entwined together for a period; which causes Black Star redirected solar electromagnetism to cross over sending a big jolt of these highly-charged subatomic particles into our planet. Then, the Earth moves forward towards winter orbit (northern hemisphere perspective) for the magnetic portal connections to separate causing a second round of portal-to-portal cross firing that causes the Sun to launch the big solar flares that is the subject of an increasing number of warnings coming from a wide range of official and unofficial parties around the globe. We should expect the first round of flares to be launched ‘behind’ Earth in orbit leading up to our backside-alignment quake event. Then the biggest threat from the Sun will come from the western limb with the big solar flare being launched ‘ahead’ of our planet, which eventually will find Earth in the wrong place at precisely the wrong time leaving much the world without electricity in the worst-case scenario.

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