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Weather warfare is real and anthropogenic climate change is a weapon

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

Christian deBlanc – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc
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These are not my words. These words are a collage of the words of Vladimir Putin, Alex Jones and a host of other brave individuals who are demonized and castigated by the modern media. They point to the fact that climate change is cyclical and the anthropogenic role is very limited as well as the fact that the economic and industrial sanctions imposed in the name of the religion of climate change will become binding as law if the United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 goals coalesce into the ultimate manifestation of hegemonic control of the world’s water.

This is the very icon of Shiva, the destroyer, and ironically, it is Shiva the Destroyer whom I will summon to destroy them, for Shiva is a state of mind typified by destroying your former state of consciousness and replacing it with an enlightened state of understanding in which reality itself seems to vibrate in unison with the Schumann Resonance of Mother Earth. Schumann Resonance is rising and vibration itself is increasing in the Earth’s core, releasing powerful vibrations that can then be harnessed into earthquakes or summoned into cyclonic thunderstorms or tsunamis of the great oceans.

Statue of Albert Pike.

All of these are taking place cyclically, while Texas and Oklahoma field the brunt of brutal rain after being punished with drought for 10 years. The weather indeed has become a weapon; and, then, in an even more dastardly turn, the weather is being blamed on carbon dioxide and our carbon footprint—our collective existence as a participant in the Krebs Cycle, which is being eradicated in the name of saving the Earth. The religious zeal demonstrated by the fanatical believers in anthropogenic climate change (what was once called global warming before everyone woke up and realized that we are undoubtedly in a phase of solar cooling and planetary cooling heading toward an ice age probably to be triggered by a pole shift caused by the gravitational and electromagnetic attraction between the Earth, the Sun and Planet X) are actually the new cult members of the new, Satanic, global, one-world religion the Bible warned us of and Albert Pike predicted in his three famous wars dreams.

Therefore, all we can do is pray and prepare for the coming changes and try to do our best to harness our talents and our talismans of love and peace and informational transmission (blow the horns, in other words, or the whistle, or blog it) so the people can take heed.

The globalist believers in the one world religion are in league with the false icon of Shiva. We are all being destroyed on the inside slowly with aluminum toxicity slowly accumulating in the liver and gall stones and all the rest of the slowly accumulating toxins with negative emotion and resentment all being stored begging to be set free, but instead of that, we are being set off by the false, Satanic media with black against white, police against populace, Islam against Christianity, and gay against straight. Not to mention slowly destroying the integrity of the family and the significance of having a childhood ensconced within the confines of a safe home provided by two loving parents.

The people are angry and scared and feeling guilty at the same time, but most of all we are begging to be set free vibrationally. What do I mean? We are begging for harmonious, synchronous states of mind where information flows freely from both sides of our brain so it can be discharged harmoniously down the spinal column and ultimately down to the feet—the second brain and the second chance to let go of toxins, if they are not sweated out upstairs by the hands and the armpit.

I know that I am all over the place and I love it because most of you have the same kind of attention span I do. Thanks to the toxicity, we are bouncing like bugs looking for the light of our own pineal gland, our own inner Christmas tree to light up like the sun; and like the son, Jesus Christ, we are being faced with all kinds of suffering humanity right before our eyes.

That is why I am so angry about the hoax that is anthropogenic climate change. We already have Planet X bearing down on us and HAARP being activated in concert with chemtrails to devastate weather systems with electromagnetic radiation and bombarding them with ionized aerosols replete with nanoparticles of aluminum. These particles coalesce into parts and parcels of adulterated rain, which falls as a nanomist of sorts into our alveoli and we cough unsuccessfully.

Meanwhile, we are being blamed for being sick and tired because of the aluminum. And then we get blamed for being carbon-based. I am not kidding. The EPA is sitting there like some arrogant, know-it-all with a Soviet-style swat team of horrors ready to release terrible toxins into a river in Colorado or deny the significance of nuclear radiation about to be set off with fire near St. Louis in an underground landfill compound.

They don’t want to tell you about the radiation off the West Coast or the calamities coming soon to wreck California and then they dare to talk about taxing us all for our carbon footprints’ terrible effects.

This is what Putin is concerned about. Russia is trying to kill the evil Muslims (as there certainly are many good Muslims, though maybe I should just call them false) and the United States and Saudi Arabia are empowering terrorists through specific channels and then obfuscating the evidence. That is what Benghazi was really about—weapons trading.

Anthropogenic climate change has always been about climate credits—now we’re talking currency. And currently, Al Gore and Barack Obama and the Rothschilds are the owners of some of these carbon exchanges. The Vatican has a role to play and an axe to grind, and it will grind all of us to bits.

In the end, the lyrics of Bob Marley say it best: “If you are the big tree, we are the small axe. Ready to cut you down … to cut you down.”

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