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Planet X possibly interdimensional, possibly connected to CERN?

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines
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So could Planet X be interdimensional? One minute it is visible and then puff … gone. Could CERN have anything to do with Planet X? Is Planet X being tracked? Listen to this interview of Paul Martin. This really puts a whole new spin on Planet X.

Have you noticed that the mainstream media is just concentrating on political debates and any other news takes a back seat, like extreme weather, which is happening around the world. Take a hard look at all the events happening, such as floods and excessive rain which, incidentally, has broken every record in the book.

We are breaking records for floods, heat, amount of volcanoes, etc., but this news is not getting the reporting time it deserves. Just like the increase and frequency of asteroids and meteors are not given much air time. I wonder why.

Having meteors and asteroids coming close to Earth is a big deal, especially as they are very close to Earth and I am wondering how many more they are tracking and not saying anything about. One of these days we are going to be caught off-guard and a meteor or asteroid will hit Earth. I am wondering if CERN would have anything to do with attracting these celestial objects.

Usually in Canada it should be cold this time of year but here I sit with a pair of shorts on with a t-shirt in October. Don’t get me wron,g I much prefer it this way than the cold but I cannot ever remember a time where the weather has been so warm this time of year.

Even though I can’t understand a word of the commentary, as my understanding of the Chinese language is non-existent, a picture is worth a thousand words. See the video below and you will understand.

These next set of videos were sent to me by LazyToad. Thanks, mate. If there are any experts out there, please take a look and then maybe you can evaluate these and give us your opinion in the forum.

All of these videos are pretty convincing to me but you decide for yourself. I think it is getting close and I think the timeline that some of you Planet X researchers put on its arrival which is the first quarter of next year (2016) may be quite accurate. I want to thank all of you for sending in these clips. It just proves that there is a Planet X, regardless of those numbskull government trolls out there who try to debunk the obvious. I think it is only a matter of months until Planet X will be right in our face and, like I said before, I wonder how the powers that be will explain to us what it is and I especially would love to hear what NASA has to say, as they always brag about knowing what is coming our way.

So now that we have established the truth, what is the next step for all of us? Well, I think it is pretty obvious and that is, how are we going to survive all of this when Planet X gets closer and really starts to create havoc?

Storing of food and water is paramount but what I need from you guys is to pick your brains to help those folks out there who don’t have much knowledge on preserving food, etc. The list below are 10 most thought about actions that most people will not know how to do and to help each other it would be great if some of you can post what you know in this special forum. Consider this doing your bit for mankind and, trust me, there will be some people out there very grateful for your input and that includes myself.

1. How to pickle food.
2. How to can food.
3. How to purify water.
4. Tools needed to help sustain life.
5. What sort of gear will I need?
6. How to get rid of waste, garbage, etc.
7. What sort of medical supplies will I need?
8. What sort of weapons will I need?
9. How do I protect what I have from looters?
10. How do I keep warm in my home?

Stay safe. DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies.

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