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The world’s insane war cycle shows we’re long overdue for World War 3

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave
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Are we overdue for World War 3? As you can see from the history below, we are way overdue.

Most people would think that the next major war will start in the Middle East but it could also be spawned with Russia poking their noses in the Ukraine. There is definitely a battle going on for world supremacy and we are the pawns who will be used to accomplish what the powers that be want. All these warmongers should be eliminated from office because all this idiotic behaviour of our so-called leaders will only result in your everyday good people suffering the consequences of our leaders’ poor judgment.

Obviously, we have never learned a thing from our history of wars, as it always ends up as a lose-lose for the general population. Hitler was called a tyrant and had to be stopped but now it seems some countries are doing exactly as Hitler did in World War 2. The chart below shows just how many wars we have had since 1905 and just how better off are we? We have massive debt, mass unemployment, racial hatred and high taxes, standard of living has dropped, the stock market is in disarray, the list goes on.

One would think that someone out there would come up with a much better solution because what these so-called leaders are doing is not working. You hear these politicians spouting to potential voters how they are going to turn things around; they make outlandish promises and as soon as they get into office they never keep their promises. There seems to be no accountability for their empty promises, except to do the bidding of the supe- rich who want to have complete control of the masses. Yes, that’s right — total control over you and me. We will eventually buckle and become assimilated because we can’t organize ourselves to make positive changes.

1905           Russian Revolution
1910 1921  Mexican Revolution
1914 1918  World War I
1917 1923  Russian Civil War
1919 1923  Turkish War of Independence
1919 1921  Irish War of Independence
1927 1949  Chinese Civil War
1936 1939  Spanish Civil War
1939 1945  World War II
1946 1949  Greek Civil War
1948 1949  1948 Arab/Israeli War
1950 1953  Korean War
1952 1960  Mau Mau Uprising
1953 1959  Cuban Revolution
1954 1962  Algerian War
1955 1975  Vietnam War
1961 1961  Bay of Pigs Invasion
1979 1989  Soviet war in Afghanistan
1980 1988  Iran/Iraq War
1982 1982  Falklands War
1990 1991  Gulf War
1991 1995  Croatian War of Independence
1992 1995  Bosnian War
1998 1999  Kosovo war
2001           War in Afghanistan
2003 2011 Iraq War
2006 2009 War in Somalia
2008 2009 Gaza War

We have not had a major world war for more than 70 years and the way the economies of these countries are in disarray can only lead to civil unrest and anarchy.

It seems that most people have given up and accepted the inevitable because we have become complacent and just give up because that takes no effort. Making positive changes takes work and I think we need to go back to the days that governments of the world worked for the people and not the other way around.

Getting back to Planet X, I want you to take a look at this sky cam photo below because it definitely shows an object that could well be Planet X. The picture below was sent in by Blood Flanagan. Take a look at the cluster circled and please let me know if any of you can positively identify this cluster.

The video below was sent to me by LazyToad. I think this may interest everyone.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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