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We the people are a sleeping giant who needs to wake up already

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave
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Has World War 3 started? Are all these countries jockeying for position to strike at any given moment? Will they catch the U.S. off guard?

I think the leaders of these countries need to grow up and stop all this living on the edge crap. All leaders from all nations should be more concerned about helping their own people in their own countries. It’s the ordinary folks who seem to suffer the most when it comes to these stupid games of war and I think if these governments were to ask the people what they want, I would guarantee it would not be war.

The ordinary people are suffering because of the egos of those who rule these nations and I personally think we should be going back to the governments working for the people and not the other way around, which is the way it is right now. It only takes one idiot in a country to spark a major conflict and war by pushing the button, so to speak.

I am for love and peace, not war and tyranny. When you take a look at all these leaders, what have they sacrificed for their country or their people? The answer is absolutely nothing, except sacrificing you the ordinary man or woman by putting you on the front line; they say it is in the name of peace, but that is a big lie. Even the U.S. is guilty of this. Just take a look as to how they have funded wars and the way they treat the veterans who return.

Syria is murdering their own people and they are leaving in droves, looking for a country where they can live in peace. They are risking their lives to escape the tyranny. Look at that poor family trying to escape their own country and who lost their lives by drowning. All I can say is we have learned nothing from history because we are doing the same things over and over again. Nothing has changed and we should know better.

Another scenario could be that these countries are positioning themselves, knowing that the apocalypse is soon upon us and that could be the ideal time to strike any vulnerable country stricken by turmoil because of this tragic event.

How would you feel in the U.S. if your country suffered extreme earthquakes and volcanoes nationwide, throwing the country into chaos, then the Chinese marched in, not to help but to take over.

This article shows military vehicles possibly getting ready to be deployed overseas.

This article explains where the Chinese navy is but they’re not sure what they are up to.

Russia’s navy and troops are on the move. Putin is at it again. What a dangerous man.

North Korea is readying for war. The North Korean leader ordered his military to get ready for war.

Great Britain is sending troops to the Ukraine. Britain always does what the U.S. tells them to.

The Canadian government released a statement that the Canadian soldiers, with the aid of U.S. soldiers, are going to hone their skills in moving heavy equipment over a long journey. You mean to tell me after all these years we need to learn how to move equipment efficiently? People, this is not rocket science. The PR statement really sounds like a bunch of bull.

With all this conflict going on around the world, you have to ask yourself why.

Is it for oil? Is it for other resources? Does it have to do with blood lines? Is it out of greed? Is it for world domination (one world government)? Is it for wealth?

Probably all of the above!

When we older folks were kids, our parents raised us to share with not only our siblings but with others outside of our families. Now isn’t that quite the concept? It seems to me that those in power were never taught those values. Instead, what we have are blubbering idiots who are thieves and murderers who have no respect for other people or other nations.

Most ordinary, hard-working people are good but fear the power elite, as they are holding them back from protesting what they are doing. Those who tried this in the ’60s (the hippies) were beaten and arrested but they had it right. If we don’t stand together, then nothing will change; it will remain status quo.

You have to ask yourself, is this what I want? If not, start standing up for yourself. The powers that be rely on us not to organize ourselves but there have been individuals in the past who rose to greatness in speaking out against the establishment, albeit at the cost of their lives.

If everyone rose up together, they would have a hard time eradicating us all, so if we all do a little to make things better, then that could make a huge difference.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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