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Fireball during day prompts fears ‘apocalyptic Blood Moon asteroids ARE coming’

A MYSTERIOUS fireball caught on camera streaking to Earth above Thailand has sparked fears an asteroid apocalypse predicted by conspiracy theorists at the end of the month during the ‘Blood Moon’ may be on its way.

The strange scene – that others branded evidence of the arrival of aliens – happened in broad daylight at 8.41am over a busy highway in the Thai capital.

NASA has branded widespread internet claims that the world will end from September 23 when “huge asteroids will land on Earth” as wholly wrong and irresponsible, pointing out that there are no known space rocks of a substantial size on course to impact with our planet for the next 100 years at least.

The US space agency called for people to dismiss the doommongers, including another group whole claim the apocalypse will follow the last of four ‘Blood Moons’ which happen on September 28.

Blood Moons are rare lunar events, when a solar eclipse gives a full moon a reddish tinge. In a tetrad of Blood Moons there are also six full moons in between.

But this has not stopped an online panic setting in after first there were recent reports of meteorites landing in Iran, and now the latest Bangkok incident.

The strange spectacle was witnessed by several commuters traveling along a multi-lane road in Phong Phet, Thailand.

It was filmed by one of them who posted it to YouTube.

The sky is a deep blue in the clip, when the streak appears from the top right and plummets to Earth, increasing in size at high speed, before going out of shot.

While some viewers branded the fireball the arrival of aliens or dubbed it a war of the worlds, most were convinced it was a space rock landing.

One viewer said it was “definitely a bolide” – an asteroid burning up in Earth’s atmosphere upon entry.

Another said: “If I saw that I would turn round the other way,” while a third added: “They said they world would end in September after asteroids landed, I hope this isn’t the start of it!”

One YouTube viewer posted: “Wow, that looked incredible, I hope no one is hurt.”

Another said: “End of the world. Move along.”

While one viewer posted: “Is it the beginning of the end of the world?”


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