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It’s about time we get some answers to what’s really going on with aliens

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave
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So let’s look at the potential alien problem and try to reason some possibilities as to what might be going on.

  1. I believe that the government has known about aliens for a long time and have even interacted with them, and our scientists quite possibly have worked in collaboration with some of these aliens.
  2. Some people think that there is an alien war going on in outer space.
  3. So why would they pick our part of the universe to fight their wars?
  4. The only reason I can think of is the fact we are in the mix somehow; they are like two dogs fighting over a bone when it comes to us. Gives a whole new meaning to one world government now; it is one galactic government or ruler. Imagine being told what to do by some alien. I don’t think so. I am not having some ET telling me what I can or cannot do.How about you people?
  5. It could be that the good aliens are in conflict with the bad ones so that they do not invade our planet; maybe there is a Galactic Federation like on Star Trek.
  6. It’s possible that the U.S. government may have gotten their hands on some alien technology and they want it back because we may reverse engineer it and build our own weapon or spacecraft to compete with them.
  7. I always wondered why these bad aliens had not already invaded us. What are they waiting for?
  8. Maybe these aliens are waiting until Planet X has come and gone to make the invasion easier.
  9. Maybe they have seen into our future and we end up developing our own craft that can fly at the speed of light but they do not want us out there.
  10. Could it be they are a race that just wants to conquer any inhabited planet?
  11. Could they have technology that can affect your moods, are you feeling more angry lately and short tempered. Could this be the reason violence is increasing world wide. I have casually talked to some of my neighbours about not getting sleep and feeling different and I was quite surprised to find out that they are experiencing the same symptoms, now maybe I am making something out of nothing but it is sure worth while keeping an eye on that one. This why I like to hear from people in forum so you guys can let me know if you are experiencing the same sort of thing.
  12. Can aliens clone humans, like the President of the U.S. who, because he is a clone, would do exactly as he is instructed by these aliens? Sounds preposterous but you never know. So next time you go to bed with your wife, take a real good look just to make sure she is human — that’s if you can tell the difference. Or maybe you have a friend who is acting strangely. Could he be a clone also? Remember, just because we can’t do this does not mean it is impossible.

These are all questions we don’t have answers to but I bet the governments of the Western world have the answers and are not sharing them with us. Is it going end up like the War of the Worlds movie or is this all a bunch of nonsense? One thing I am sure about is there is definitely something out there and there is definitely something going on.

If they told me tomorrow on the national news that we are not alone and we have made contact, then I am not going to jump out of my nice recliner and head for the hills. How about you? What would be your reaction?

Below is a video sent to me by Omar. Thanks, Omar. The video talks about how the military knows about aliens and that some are very aggressive.

Check out these images of a potential UFO built by NASA. Plus a lot of other interesting photographs.

Has a piece of the moon broken off or is this one of those UFOs hiding on the dark side?

Stay tuned for my next article. It is actual conformation of Planet X taken from down under and I have a ton of photos to share with you; they are amazing, so keep watching for the next article.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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