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It doesn’t matter if there are aliens among us because Planet X is already here

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave
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My wife heard on a local radio station from one of the announcers that Planet X was not real and it was a bunch of hype over nothing. Seems like this is getting out more in the regular media, but I wonder what he based his comment on; he probably listened to NASA.

I received a private message from a man in England by the name of Terry (sorry but I can’t disclose his last name for his own protection). Terry visited an observatory and captured some great potential photographs of Planet X. I am sure you have seen many false pictures of this planet but I believe that these, if it is genuinely Planet X, show it is here, folks, and it is not going away.

The videos below were sent to me by Terry, for which I am very appreciative. The videos are of special cameras to view the night sky and, if you look closely, you will see the sunrise and planets following the sun.

Is this Planet X? I’m not sure but you can decide for yourself; these are very good. The last one shows the sunrise with two sources of light. Again, you can judge for yourself.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Now that you have viewed these videos, I would certainly like to get some feedback, especially from an expert to decipher the images.

We have had a few people come on the site who are unbelievers in Planet X and I tend to ignore them for a couple of reasons. First is if they are unbelievers, what the hell are they doing on this site in the first place? Second is all that I can deduce from them being on the site is they are what we call government trolls: those individuals who are paid by the government to discredit not only the writers but the site itself. Their main goal is to get you to believe that all is well and nothing is going to happen, and trust me when I say I hope they are right but, unfortunately, there is too much compelling evidence to suggest otherwise. I just wanted to mention it, so if you happen to see such articles from unbelievers/trolls, then may I suggest you ignore them.

Aliens among us?

There has been some talk about aliens living among us for some time but how the hell do you recognize them? Well, there is one lady who believes that she can but I am not sure how authentic her claim is. Here is her video and you can try what she suggests to see if it is real or not. Again, I am not judging her and I always keep an open mind, especially these days, because I believe anything is possible; you just never know.

If there is any truth that aliens are living among us, what the hell do they want? I am sure it is not for the good, as the world right now is in turmoil, so all I can say is, “ET, go home. We don’t want or need you.”

I have seen many Photoshopped images of what I assume are regular people with lizard-like eyes and sometimes I have to laugh, but there still may be some truth to it. Who really knows? So I am going to try her experiment to see if it does work and you can be sure I will let you know. If it does work, then I am going to freak out and everyone I meet will be suspect.

I wonder what else is going on that we do not know about. Judging by the many stories on the Web, there is a hell of a lot. Even if only 25% is genuine, that is still a whole bunch crap happening. If you do happen to find people with reptile eyes, please let me know on the forum.

There are many people who claim they have had messages from aliens. Well, I could claim the same thing as well and how would you prove or disprove what I tell you?

Have any of you out there known someone who is an alien, seen the reptilian eyes or watched someone morph into reptilian-like skin? Probably not.

I think most of that stuff is bogus but, again, I am willing to keep an open mind but some people spend a great deal of time and effort trying to convince people over the Web that they have witnessed this. Have they nothing better to do … like work?

Stephen Hawking

Here is an article from the Daily Mail in England about what Stephen Hawking thinks about aliens. Now, I have a lot of respect for this man but I do have some reservations about what he thinks.

He thinks that there are possibly massive alien ships out there and they may want to colonize Earth and take our natural resources. Well, when you think how big the universe is, there has to be uninhabited worlds out there with many resources the same as Earth. We can’t be the only planet with these resources.

In regard to colonizing Earth, why the hell would they want to do that? We are merely a spec of dust in the grand scheme of the universe.

Thanks, Planet X News

I’d just like to take a moment to thank Planet X News for promoting me from guest writer to staff writer. I hope that I can live up to the high standards they have set and bring you more interesting stories and my personal comments; and, yes, I will still maintain my frankness and I will still be opinionated, right or wrong.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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