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Like a baby with a pistol, such are our ‘Supreme Leaders’

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Staff Writer for

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave
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I guess with all the combined military activity with the U.S. and South Korea it has stirred up North Korea’s Supreme Leader — or should I say, Supreme Idiot Kim Jong-un.

I guess with all the combined military activity with the U.S. and South Korea it has stirred up North Korea’s Supreme Leader — or should I say, Supreme Idiot Kim Jong-un.

As of now, I don’t think he has long-range missiles to do any damage to the U.S. but he sure could create havoc with South Korea. It really is scary to see someone like that in charge of a nation; it is like giving a two-year-old a loaded pistol.

I see Russia is acting up again and I wonder what Putin has in mind now. Maybe he wants the USSR back again so he can compete more readily with the West. As if we don’t have enough with Planet X coming in and everything it will bring in its wake.

Weather Changes

I checked out this morning, as I always do, and they covered how the weather has been the last little while. I recommend checking it out for August 21, 2015 and every day for the latest on what the sun and other things are going on.

September X-wave

Not only do we have Planet X arriving (and Planet Y, apparently, now), we have an X-wave heading our way and it is supposed to arrive in September. We are supposed to be feeling some of the effects now and this article spells them out. It talks about not getting a full night’s sleep, waking up, then having to power nap during the daytime. Imagine explaining that to your boss while napping at your desk.

I myself do wake up several times during the night and I do end up going for a power nap during the day, and my two puppies join me every time. I have done this now for several years, so I am not sure if it is the energy X-wave or the fact I am almost 65 and maybe this is a normal cycle due to age.

I find it strange that the X-wave has popped up now and not one or two years earlier. I read several articles and they say that people are awakening. Well, I beg to differ on that one as we have pumped out numerous good factual articles on what has been going on with our governments, the corruption, NASA lying on just about everything and also, last but not least, Planet X’s arrival.

If I go by the number of people who read the articles on, I don’t see a significant increase, so my question is, what are they awakening to? As I was reading these articles, what came to my mind was that it could be the magnetic field in front of Planet X that has reached our planet, causing havoc already with increased volcanoes and earthquakes, and don’t forget the extreme weather.

Could this energy X-wave, as they call it, be another excuse to hide the real truth so that people don’t panic and accept this information that it is not harmful to us?

Jade Helm 15

It appears that the U.S. is still moving a hell of a lot of military vehicles around the country even now. Check out this article.

Did we go back in time?

This article shows 3,000+ carvings from Abypos Temple of what looks like an Apache helicopter and other modern-day machines. Have we built a giant stargate and gone back in time and maybe even altered history? We would never know what was altered if that, in fact, happened.

Could this be a clue that we have been going back at different times in our history? Could that be the reason that the super-rich had the scoop on the stock markets, etc., to become even richer? The possibilities are endless, if you think about it.

Have we come face to face with the Anunnaki back 3,000 years ago?

Is CERN the stargate?

Can we go to the future and alter it?

As of now, I don’t think he has long-range

So many questions it will make your head spin. We may be able to alter what goes on with this planet and that’s a big MAY BE but we would not be able to stop Planet X from coming into our solar system and wreaking havoc.

Let’s look at some possibilities of what could have been:

  • Hitler could have won World War 2 but we would never know it because the past is what it is for us.
  • Maybe 9/11 did not happen but the government needed it to.
  • Why could we not have stopped the Fukushima disaster? Well, maybe they will and it just would have never happened.

This can really mess up one’s brain. Totally confusing and the possibilities are endless and the power they would hold in their hands by changing anything at will would be unequaled. Check out the article called Nostradamus, Time Travel and Prophecies.

The volcano that could wipe out all of Europe: Vesuvius

This page contains an array of stunning photographs of our Milky Way galaxy. I think you will be amazed as to what has been captured on film. This site has more stunning astrophotography.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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