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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report (Volume 35)

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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The global seismic/volcanic evidence for Week 30 of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle says Earth remains at outside-orbit position very near the 90-degree mark relative to the Sun and Black Star. My prediction for diminished earthquake/volcanic activity from last week turns out to be right on with only fourteen earthquake events of 5-magnitude or greater that has only happened three times in the last two years. Look down at Week 30 to Week 35 for the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle to see the earth change uptick that we should expect to see this year moving forward into September, even though the coming activity increase begins two to three weeks later; as the Black Star continues moving left in the orbit diagram and Earth takes longer to reach each of our four marker positions (nearside/backside alignments spring/fall + outside orbit position in winter/summer).

Seismic/volcanic indicators suggest that the coming earth change uptick period will begin gradually for Earth to see a Jolt across the board by Week 33 coming right around the time that the Jade Helm 15 Exercises conclude in the middle of September. Deepening of the average earthquake event moving around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire continues to cause great concern, as these two deep subterranean seismic/volcanic waves appear to be stalled at the Alaskan and Guerrero, Mexico Quake Swarm Areas expected to converge at the California Quake Swarm Area once the coming earth change uptick activity comes into full swing. Precursor Quake Activity is kicking off up and down the western edge of the North American Crayton from Fort Stockton, Texas up through Eatonville, Washington along a line east of the California Quake Swarm Area that crosses the Yellowstone Magma Chamber and adjacent calderas to the southwest. This activity has sprung up out of nowhere, but is part of the tectonic cascade relieving pressure and allowing slippage between the plates that began with the Solomon Island Quake Event from February 6, 2013 that cracked the tectonic plate in two.

While seismic indicators are remaining relatively low around the globe and in the United States, this new seismic activity west of the North American Crayton appears to be pointing to bigger things coming down the road and sooner rather than later. Dutchsinse will blame this activity on fracking (LOL), while BPEarthWatch will raise red flags over CERN; and Suspicious0bservers will blame sunspots and waves released from his Sleeping Sun. Earthquake event depths at the California Quake Swarm Area continue to run between about 4 and 10 kilometers with just one event epicenter at the 25 kilometer mark. We should expect to see these earthquake events deepen through the coming earth change uptick period for the percolator/upwelling effect to eventually begin having great influence on the Yellowstone Super Volcano.

Earth saw just four new volcanic eruptions this week representing only the first time we have seen fewer than five new volcanic eruption events for two consecutive weeks since last year. This is more evidence that Earth core has cooled down through the recent earth change lull period from our planet moving away from the Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun since the Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside-alignment 7.8 Nepal Quake Event from April 25, 2015. The two earth change lull periods for each Earth Orbit Cycle are caused by lengthening of the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection that transitions the active portal conduits to passive state causing our planet to receive lower doses of Black Star redirected solar electromagnetism. Earth metals then translate reduced electromagnetism amounts via the induction process and Earth core cools off as the final result of the process. All of that should change soon here in the next few weeks in what looks like a volatile month of September now on the horizon.

The geopolitical environment sees the Rothschild-owned Media steering News about the economic slowdown in China, Yuan devaluation and the Chinese currency potentially becoming a World Reserve Currency in the IMF Currency Basket better known as the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) Basket of currencies that include the US Dollar, Euro, Yen and British Pound).

The current Global Financial Reserve Structure could very well transition to the diagram on the left to look more like the diagram on the right with the Yuan replacing the US Dollar as the largest World Reserve Currency. This kind of move would place great downward pressure on any holdings you have in FED/US Dollars including stocks, bonds and even money in bank accounts, CDs and money stuffed in the mattress. My view is that the USA and US Citizens in particular are being set up for the coming economic collapse and that you are wise to get your wealth out of paper-based stocks/currencies into survival supplies, guns, ammo and commodities like silver. Silver is particularly a good hedge against the coming changes in Global Monetary Policy and the anticipated collapse here in the United States, as the entire system is corrupt and propped up by Rothschild/FED paper having nothing whatsoever to do with real market conditions. Watch for silver prices to be manipulated down to between 12 and 13 dollars (some experts say 10 bucks) to then skyrocket from the anticipated ‘event’ that takes place along the US/Canada West Coast in the coming month of September. My view is that those buying silver at around 12 dollars will appear very smart by the end of the year. Just remember to invest heavily in survival supplies and lead (guns/ammo) before making the move towards silver. Otherwise, you are gathering resources for Mad Max once the crap hits the fan.

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