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Doomsday preppers prepping for the end of the world

What if the end came not with a bang or a boom or a trumpet blast, the seventh trumpet of Revelation, that is, heralding the final woe of the Apocalypse.

No, what if the end were self-inflicted?

What if all it took was a breakdown of the political system we all take for granted to trigger the ultimate collapse of civil society? A collapse significant enough to cause a run on the bank and the gas pumps and the grocery store shelves.

That’s a doomsday scenario. And that’s the lens through which doomsday preppers view what’s been going on in Washington this week.

“The economy is by far No. 1. I would say 80 to 90 percent of the people that I deal with are concerned about where the country is heading economically,” said Scott Hunt. “They are worried about their future jobs. Or they’re worried about the

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