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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report (Volume 33)

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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Combined information from the seismic, volcanic and geopolitical evidence says Earth is standing right now on the threshold of something BIG coming for September 2015. The seismic values declined this week in every category, except the 5-magnitude earthquake events that remained steady increasing from 29 to 32 events. Comparative analysis of the seismic pattern for 2014 versus 2015 shows four of the 6-mag earthquake events and show four events for last year, but zero for this year revealing Earth is actually less active this year than the previous 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle for Week 28. The big surprise last week was the big 533 value for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events that fell this week to 295 in anticipation of being below 200 here in the next two weeks, as this current earth change lull period comes to an end.

My concern continues growing for the US/Canada West Coast and particularly the California Quake Swarm Area where earthquake events so far to not show signs of becoming deeper. The earthquake events moving around the north and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire have become much deeper following the 7.8 Nepal Quake (5.25.2015) and the record-deep 7.8 Japan Quake Event (5.30.2014) with the epicenter some 677 kilometers from the surface. Earthquake depths around the entire Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire show a pattern of becoming deeper that is actually lifting the Asia/Australian side and shifting tectonic/volcanic pressures east towards the Americas where these two subterranean tectonic/magma waves are expected to converge along the US/Canada West Coast, during the coming earth change uptick period running to December 1, 2015. My feeling is that the Elite and Government already know the waves are coming and that increased activity on the American side of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire equation will bring deeper earthquake events in proximity to the bulging Yellowstone Magma Chamber and adjacent calderas. Upwelling of underground magma deep inside Earth mantle from the percolator effect is expected to transform the Yellowstone Magma Chamber into a pressure cooker with much higher chances of causing an eruption that changes everything for the entire American tectonic/volcanic dynamic starting with the US West Coast and moving east through the New Madrid Seismic Zone and to the Appalachian Mountains later in the timeline.

Earth saw eight new volcanic eruptions this week with another volcano erupting in the USA and another erupting in France of all places. This is a high value for new volcanic eruptions and Earth is approaching outside-orbit position making the right triangle with the Sun and Black Star at a time when volcanic eruptions remains low on previous orbit cycles (2011 and 2012) through this period. Remember that the number of 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events are generally at the lowest value here at outside-orbit position, because Earth has been moving ‘away’ from the Black Star in natural orbit around the Sun; which stretches the Black Star/Earth magnetic portal connection allowing our planet to receive lower doses of Black Star redirected solar electromagnetism through an increasing number of ‘passive’ conduits within the portal connection at this stage in the orbit cycle. All of that changed on February 5, 2013 with the multiple Solomon Island Quake Events that cracked the tectonic plate in two that created extra space in the Pacific/Ocean Ring of Fire tectonic dynamic causing the current tectonic cascade ‘away’ from the North American Crayton. We should expect the volcanism around the globe to continue on the uptick all the way through the coming earth change uptick period and beyond.

The geopolitical environment sees Jade Helm 15 Exercises transitioning from the first to the second month, which I believe is directly connected to the evidence of these two big waves moving around the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire knowing that they will converge along the US West Coast and sooner rather than later. We must watch the earthquake event depths at the Alaska Quake Swarm Area to the north and the growing activity coming up from South America through the Mexico Quake Swarm Areas for signs that the quake events at the California Swarm Area are also deepening. My view is that these pressures are pointing to something BIG and the Elite/Government is already well aware of the threat that is being covered up here in the United States, even though these war game exercises represent a strong indicator that something is indeed coming. Watch this video (here) for more information on what is happening globally. Wading through the many related stories/articles in this Newsletter shows a series of patterns and convergences saying that an ‘event’ is coming in September 2015.

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