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Shocking: National Park disappearances coordinate with Deep Underground Military Bases

David Paulides is a retired cop who found out through a conversation with a national park employee that there are a multitude of unexplainable disappearances in U.S. national parks. The park employee explained how there seems to be a bit of a cover-up, and this led David Paulides to compile a database on what he deemed high strange disappearances in National Parks all over the United States. I think many National Parks are placed on possible underground long-time alien bases. This would serve those in the know by providing a convenient reason for why developers are not allowed to build or dig on these areas. And now this: The disappearances coordinate with actual Deep Underground Military Bases in the US. See the map below:

George Knapp does the interview. It’s really good. David Paulides also has a book on the subject MISSING 411.


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