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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report (Volume 32)

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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The seismic data for Week 27 of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle relative to the Black Star shows widening disparity with far more of the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events than we saw for the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle. In fact, the 533 value for the 2.5 to 4-mag earthquake events is the highest of the current cycle and only three quake events below the record high 536 value for the second week of the 2014 Earth Orbit Cycle causing me to scratch my head and wonder what is coming next. Those of you following my Project Black Star research over the years have heard me say repeatedly that the day will come, when my modeling breaks down from nearing Black Star proximity and we may be at that point reaching outside-orbit position ending the current earth change uptick period as we speak.

The Caribbean Quake Swarm Area just north of South America is a large contributor to the huge number of 2.5 to 4-mag earthquake events with the tall stack of pancakes showing that these events are also becoming deeper like earthquake events of all magnitudes around the globe. Watch for increased volcanism in direct proximity to locations where these earthquake events are pushing deeper and deeper into Earth mantle causing the percolator effect that sends decompressing magma nearer to the surface. There are earthquake events deserving some attention including this Fiji Quake (link) with an epicenter depth of 577 kilometers from yesterday. Now key in on the Fiji area (link) and note all the earthquake events that are deeper than 500 kilometers. The Bolivian Quake in South America (here) had a depth of 538 kilometers that should also raise concerns for the region, even though the magnitude was only reported to be a 4.1. The earthquake events within the California Quake Swarm Area were tightly packed together some six months ago, but now the activity is widening out to cover a larger area with three 3+ magnitude quake events between the California Swarm Area and Texas; as you can see using EQuake3D.

Earth saw five new volcanic eruption events for this week, which is still on the high end of the weekly scale for a week reaching outside-orbit position. Now that we are preparing to enter the coming earth change uptick period on August 15, 2015, Earth could very well see between 5 and 10 new volcanic eruptions each week for the entire year beginning November 25, 2014 should the current pattern continue; but with the exception of just two weeks for the entire 2015 Orbit Cycle. This current trend shows much higher volcanism around the globe than we saw just a few years ago in 2010 and 2011 and that pattern is definitely expected to continue moving forward. The key here is to carefully watch EQuake3D for those deeper quake events and then to monitor the regional volcanoes acting as pressure-relief mechanisms, as there is a definite connection between these deeper quake events, the percolator effect of rising/decompressing magma and volcanic eruptions from nearby volcanoes and even if the volcanoes have been dormant for hundreds or even thousands of years. A recent earthquake event in southern Italy saw a depth of 244 kilometers amid earthquake activity spreading from the Nepal Quake Swarm Area. So watch for a new swarm area to develop in southern Europe with new warnings attached for regional volcanic eruptions.

The geopolitical environment in the US and around the globe is becoming intense and a bit over the top if you ask me. Below you will find stories of cellphone outages and new cellphone vulnerabilities that appear very much like fear mongering, but my duty is to share information given to me by my newsletter contributors and subscribers with commentary where needed to keep you informed on what is happening all around us. Right now my internet modem is resetting itself every five to ten minutes on its own and I am concerned that the connection will not keep me online to upload this newsletter and YouTube video update report, but hopefully the connection holds long enough to complete my work for this Thursday update. My gut feeling is that we are still moving through the calm before the coming storm with focus on the US/Canada West Coast where we see a convergence of tectonic/volcanic pressures coinciding with the Jade Helm 15 Exercises scheduled to end on September 15, 2015. Fox News is more interested in keeping the Sheeple fixated on the 2016 Presidential Elections, as if replacing the current Illegal Alien-in Chief with another CIA-controlled corrupt politician is going to make any difference whatsoever concerning what is coming from space.

The News is filled with stories of more right wing-types being rounded up by police in all kinds of sting operations taking place around the globe with focus on “Lone Wolf” and Jihadist Terrorists, when we already know that the CIA/DoD and Obama created ISIS and Al-CIA-duh is nothing short of an ongoing CIA Operation used to perpetuate the War On Terror. We are witnessing the Fourth Reich Operations working for the House of Rothschild in defense of the Underground Ark City Network doing everything to flush Lone Wolf out of the shadows and pulling out all the stops. Watch for an increasing number of violent shootings and people just going crazy and acting out across the nation partly from Black Star nearing proximity/influence and partly because so many US Citizens are being displaced from the local job markets by an out-of-control and corrupt Administration using everything from high corporate tax rates, NAFTA-like treaties, job outsourcing, too many guest worker programs and between 20 and 30 million Illegal Aliens taking JOBS to leave law-abiding citizens out in the cold to live on welfare/food stamps and government handouts.

Right wing conservatives in general are being disenfranchised with little representation in the News Media, local and federal government, as we seem to be surrounded literally by lefty liberal liars using underhanded trickery and propaganda leading ultimately to the destruction of these United States and nobody appears willing and able to do one thing about it. Those of you thinking that Donald Trump is the right answer will be sadly disappointed, as his “Illegal Amnesty Plan” includes shipping all the Illegal Aliens out of the country to then ship them all back in with worker permits and the right to continue taking your JOB. The only reason Trump looks like a viable candidate is because of the corruption level of the rest of the field. If you are feeling increasingly angry watching the daily Fox News False Narrative Disinformation Propaganda, then welcome to the party; because this type of programing serves the House of Rothschild and is very much deliberate and by design.

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