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Earth-size object photographed on sun’s surface

I’ve been watching this round object on the surface of the sun. The object has not changed position or changed in any way in over two weeks. Yes, on the sun, the surface changes like an ocean of flames. However, this object stays constant.

The size of this object is also important. The size is equal to that of Earth itself. Helioviewer has an icon-size Earth image in the bottom left corner of the photo (above), which gives us a very accurate estimate of its size. If Earth were swallowed (pulled into) the sun, this is what it would look like.

So, is it an Earth-size UFO? That is a possibility since two Russian scientists stated four to five years ago that Earth-size UFOs were seen orbiting the sun 24 hours a day, making hard right turns at incredible speed.

Another possibility is that this was a planet from our solar system long ago. That’s right — a planet that was sucked into the sun because it was knocked out of its orbit, or its orbit changed for some unknown reason. If this is true, the sun could be hoarding dozens of planets inside it.

One thing is certain: this is a solid object the size of Earth and NASA has not told anyone about it yet. Why?


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