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With the arrival of Planet X comes alien hunting season as well

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum)

Are the Borg going to invade our planet and to try and assimilate us? You be the judge. This page shows clear pictures of Borg-like cubes. Could Star Trek be another Hollywood-government conspiracy telling us the truth through movies? Are the pictures fake? Make sure you scroll down enough and you can decide for yourself.

Is there a link between Jade Helm 15 and these possible alien invaders? Are the troops deployed around the country to defend us against aliens? Could we possibly be wrong in thinking that the converted Walmart stores into FEMA camps were for us when in fact they could be for captured aliens? Now that would make us all look like fools. Could it be that the government got wind of an imminent alien invasion but felt compelled to keep it a secret from us so we did not panic? Could it be the three-tier coffins are for the alien bodies and not for us? Could it be they know where the portals for this invasion will open up around the U.S. and have positioned troops and equipment accordingly? Well, I guess we will know soon enough.

With Yellowstone acting up, I wonder if this will be a factor when Planet X gets closer. Maybe this is part of the climate chaos the French minister was referring to, but imagine if this went off and earthquakes and volcanoes joined in, as well as meteors started pounding the earth at the same time. This would almost eliminate the entire population.

There would virtually be no escape, unless you had an underground bunker with enough food for years. The ash from volcanoes and Yellowstone combined would not only kill all animals and vegetation, it would suffocate almost everyone; it sure is a sobering thought. Although it has reportedly been 600,000 years since Yellowstone erupted, it doesn’t mean it is pending, but boy that is a long time ago.

I was listening to an audio yesterday and the guest speaker made the statement that Planet X could be 40 times the size of Earth. Now, I’m not sure where he got that size from but it sure would explain why it has such a big effect on our planet from far away and other planets in our solar system.

There are so many people out there quoting the size of Planet X that my head is spinning, not knowing who the hell is right. It’s getting hard to distinguish truth from fiction anymore. Could it be that after Planet X flies by that all the food the Elite have stored is not just for them but to share with us, the survivors? I kind of chuckled when I thought of that one. They are not going to share bugger all with us peasants; they would much prefer we suffer and die.

I am starting to get info from people around the world which I appreciate but sure could use much more. Contacting me privately through the forum is a good way for me to be able to communicate with you. I want to hear from Europe; you guys have been silent. I have not heard from Asia, either. Don’t be shy. Speak up and let me know your thoughts and send me some info so I can get it out there. Even the U.S. is quiet. What’s up? Cat got your tongue? You guys are usually very vocal, which is a good thing, so meet me on the forum and let’s spread the word.

I was reading another article and they were saying that there are six alien species fighting over control of Earth. I think the powers that be must be included in that bunch because they are like aliens as well. This page shows some photographs of what the aliens may look like and, if they do look like how they have depicted them, I think I would be loading up the shotgun and hunting them.

I’ll be damned if I am going to let some egg-headed alien or some ugly reptilian rule over me and I am sure that there are some of you out there who would feel the same way. We might have to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with our very own troops just to eliminate that threat. I recon that if an alien can die in a UFO crash, then I think a .308 would do nicely right between the bulging eyes of those SOBs.

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

PS: Make sure you check under the bed tonight before you go to sleep.

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