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Terral03’s Project Black Star Update Report (Volume 31)

By Guest Writer Terral Croft aka Terral03
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Seismic chart data for Week 26 of the 2015 Earth Orbit Cycle shows that Earth remains within the first earth change uptick period expected to end once Earth reaches outside-orbit position on the summer side of the solar system around August 15, 2015. The surprise this week came with the fact that we saw no 6-magnitude earthquake events going into Saturday July 25th, even though Week 26 for the 2014 Orbit Cycle shows nine (9) of the six-magnitude earthquake events. However, we are already seeing the bigger quake events kicking off around the globe indicating a delay in the quake activity that is expected to pick up, even though Earth remains in the current earth change lull period.

The 288 value for the 2.5 to 4-magnitude quake events is 40 events lower than last week’s Jolt (J) value that had to happen, because of the sub-200 values we saw for the two previous weeks at a time when Earth will still more than a month from reaching outside-orbit position and that magical 90-degree position relative to the Sun and Black Star. While this may be difficult to imagine, we should see this 288 value for these key/indicator earthquake events move lower to around 180 over the course of the coming weeks. I cannot imagine seeing another bounce in this earthquake event category, until after we begin the next earth change uptick period after August 15, 2015.

Earth saw seven new volcanic eruption events this week remaining on the high end of the scale, which has been the pattern since Earth passed behind the Sun relative to the Black Star in the middle of November 2014. There have been only two weeks since then that Earth saw fewer than five new weekly volcanic eruption events showing us a disparity between the seismicity and volcanism going on around the globe with new volcanic eruption events remain high even through these lull periods. My gut feeling is that the Earth internal core/mantle/crust environments are changing with earthquake events particularly along the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire deepening to hundreds and hundreds of kilometers below the surface, which is causing the percolator effect from highly-compressed magma rising nearer and nearer to the surface. Rising magma displaces more space and all of that pressure must go somewhere and nearby volcanoes represent the pressure-relief mechanism allowing all of that pressure to be released to areas above Earth crust.

There is great danger revealed in the seismic/volcanic patterns for those living along the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire and particularly for people living along the US/Canada West Coast. A closer look at Equake3D reveals a disturbing pattern of larger and deeper earthquake events moving around the northern and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire expected to eventually converge on the California Quake Swarm Area that continues to show shallow earthquake event activity, even though the earthquake events in the Alaska Quake Swarm Area to the North are becoming much larger and moving much deeper into Earth mantle. That is why we see three active volcanoes now on the American side of the equation with new volcanic eruptions in North America expected to increase moving forward.

The seeming disconnect between the Alaskan and Californian Quake Swarm regions is very disturbing, because between those two locations is the quiet area where I am expecting the ‘linchpin’ quake event to take place once Earth moves into the coming earth change uptick period. There appears to be a gigantic subterranean seismic/volcanic wave of deeper quake/volcanic activity moving from Nepal through Japan and the Kamchatka Quake Swarm regions into the Alaskan Swarm Area with the same kind of deeper underground activity moving across from Australia to South America and up through Central America and Mexico that has also stalled just South of the California Quake Swarm Area. My concern is that we are seeing patterns indicating that the entire Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire is waking up with a severe seismic/volcanic uptick on the horizon once the next earth change uptick period begins and these two massive subterranean seismic/volcanic waves converge along the US/Canada West Coast that changes everything for the United States.

Imagine with me for a minute that these deeper earthquake events move south from the Alaska Quake Swarm Area and south from the Guerrero Quake Swarm Area for quake events in and around the California Quake Swarm Area to deepen from 100 to 300 and then 500 kilometer depths. The deeper earthquake events will cause fissures development within Earth mantle causing the percolator effect to build volcanic pressures throughout the region placing the Yellowstone Magma Chamber and adjacent calderas in the cross hairs for increased activity that could very well go ballistic! This could very well be the calm before the coming seismic/volcanic storm with BIG earth change events on the horizon and not just for those living along the US/Canada West Coast, but for everyone living along the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire. Generally we see a pair of 7-magnitude earthquake events along the Pacific Ocean/Ring of Fire once Earth reaches outside-orbit position on both sides of the solar system and the chances are mounting and the probability is becoming much higher that at least one of these big earthquake events will take place along the US/Canada West Coast and in the area where I expect this linchpin quake event to take place.

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