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FEMA: ‘There is going to be an event within the next six months’

An interesting alert was issued on Steve Quayle’s site on July 17, following a phone call he received from “a long-time friend who is in law enforcement.” Steve describes him as totally logical and factual, and not a conspiracy-oriented person in any way whatsoever.

This person has apparently been attending FEMA training and is now “having a meltdown after what he learned.”

Here’s what he said that the FEMA team revealed:

-There is going to be an “event” within the next six months.

-The nature of the “event” is believed to be a natural disaster, such as a solar flare, but could be something else.

-The “event” will be so catastrophic it will have a severe effect on our fragile economic infrastructure, so an interim bank holiday will be declared.

-Social unrest and violence is expected due to the stores being emptied of food and other supplies, early after the event. So martial law is expected to be declared.

-The “event” is expected to make normal governing of the country extremely difficult, if not impossible, so FEMA will be assuming continuity of government.

-All involved and support personnel are required to maintain a supply of cash at home for emergencies and a minimum of three days of food and water for each member of their families. This is not to get them through disaster, but to tide them over until FEMA can establish their aid camps.

Those were the highlights of the conversation as reported here.

So what is your opinion? If the report is true regarding what was revealed in recent FEMA training, what ‘natural disaster’ might ‘they’ know about which hasn’t even happened yet?

Have any of the known ‘natural disaster’ sites and/or locations in the U.S. been giving ‘signs’ of waking up?


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