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They live, we sleep: Are you ready for hell on Earth?

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD - Guest Writer for

David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD – Guest Writer for

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum)

In previous articles, I always mention the powers that be, but just who are they? I will get to that later.

After the passing of Planet X, life will never be the same for those who survive; there will be a great lack of food, clean water and medical aid.

After Planet X has passed Earth and the meteors stop falling from the sky, the military will emerge from those underground bunkers by order of the powers that be. They will be scouring the neighbourhood, looking to round up people in their homes and removing any firearms and ammunition; then you will be transported to a FEMA camp and processed. Once incarcerated, you will be branded with the mark of the beast, just like the Nazis did in WW2. A scannable bar code will be tattooed on your arm or an RFID chip will be injected into your skin which will be traceable.

There will be aerial recon missions with Black Hawk helicopters searching for what they will perceive as either looters or nonconformist to their New World Order. The military will have a free hand to do as they see fit, in regard to whether you live or die. You think that police brutality is bad now? Just wait until after the apocalypse. You will be rounded up like cattle going to the slaughter house.

If you think that American soldiers would not treat their own kind this way, you are sadly mistaken. They have been trained to be emotionless and will obey the commands of the powers that be in the name of the NWO, believing they are doing the right thing.

Low-flying jets and helicopters will be scouring the countryside and small towns for survivors, so they too can be rounded up and also placed in FEMA camps. Armoured trucks will be patrolling the streets with one mission in mind.

Most people will conform, as they most likely will not have eaten in days and will do anything to feed themselves and their families. The powers that be will have a great advantage, as they have the ace card, in regard to supplies, which will be used as a bargaining chip to get you to conform to their wishes, whether you want to or not.

You will be placed into details to recover all the corpses from the meteor showers or after the tsunami you will use those hundred of thousands of three-tier coffins that Jesse Ventura showed on his TV show, Conspiracy Theory.

You will be trucked to different locations, like a prison road gang, to recover dead bodies that are rotting in the baking sun. The stench will be horrific but soldiers, like prison guards, will be well-armed and you will not have a choice in the matter. Slaves you will become or, as the Borg would say on Star Trek, “you will be assimilated” or you will die.

If you are one of those fortunate ones who was able to bug out and head for the hills, living in a remote area, you may avoid capture for some time; however, you have to be cognizant of choppers with thermal imagery that can spot your body temperature at night. They will leave no stone unturned until you are captured. Hmm … sounds like the movie Red Dawn, doesn’t it?

If you have managed to evade capture, then be vigilant and know you surroundings. Especially locate places you can hide to evade capture. I am sure they will have patrols everywhere.

Children will be separated from their families and the children will be easier to assimilate than their parents. Your children will be indoctrinated into the new social program or brainwashing schools so they will become obedient and question nothing.

Now, you are probably reading this and thinking that my imagination has run wild. Well, you already are a victim of brainwashing and have been for years, so this is not that far-fetched and you have been assimilated to a certain degree, as well.

You really have to think like them and think the worst to understand what kind of future lies ahead for you. It will be just like Hitler did with the youth of Germany. Teenagers will be trained to serve, whether in the military or in serving the greater cause in some manner. Young women will be raped or sold in the human market. You think that won’t happen? Well, I have news for you: it has been going on for a very long time already in so-called peace time in almost every country in the world.

You have to understand that this will be like a war zone or worse and there will be no rules, except the rules that are imposed upon you. There is no cavalry or superheroes coming to your rescue, no Superman Captain America, although there may be factions of freedom fighters who will amass in secret locations, striking back against this NWO regime.

When everything is under control for them on the surface, then the Elite or powers that be will emerge from their five-star dwellings to view the devastation, but they themselves will be heavily guarded and totally inaccessible.

The cleanup from this devastation could take years and the rebuilding will take lifetimes. The world as we know it has been decaying for years and for most of us it is going to be hell on earth for a very long time after the apocalypse.

If you are deemed useless and they feel you are going to be burden to the NWO, then you will just be joining the others who are buried in those coffins. The sick and the elderly will be the first to go and the rest of you will have to meet a certain criteria and you will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The powers that be have already eliminated many people in this so-called peace time, so why would you think they would change just because of an apocalypse?

I have had years to think about how this would play out and, as dramatic as it sounds, it could very well be your future and some of you may agree with my projection for this NWO but there will be others who will shake their heads, thinking I am out to lunch on this one. Well, I hope you’re right but all I am trying to do is wake you up to this possibility as your future.

So who are these people calling the shots? Let’s take a look at who has all the wealth: The Bilderberg Group.

So after reading what I have said above, you are probably in disbelief. I want you to watch the video below. You have to watch the entire video to get the bigger picture. There are six chapters to this video and I must warn you that this is a long video but certainly worth watching.

Well, how do you feel now?

Stay safe. DDD signing off.

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